How to restore bmw ICOM NEXT A (optional)

Here are optional solutions of how to restore BMW ICOM NEXT A, each tested by BMW ICOM users. Any solution can be tried yourself but need luck with unknown security. TRY ON YOUR OWN RISK



— Icom next recovery files download @bmwcars1968!aVNU3bqS!rRzqUeo4iHDjsG06HWDqyoOITDJw_11PB-lJKeXJpYQ


— How to restore icom next with problem of the RED light @SCOTT

There is a reset button inside the tool
look at photo

I opened my tool , put it to the DLC of car and pressed the button and the tool came back to green lights and works .
in fact , i pressed both button frantically, that one and the one on the other side but it worked.


— Restore icom next firmware @slaw1971

1: put al from folder “ICOM Next firmware” directly to root pendrive (fat32 format)
2: connect pendrive to USB ICOM
3: press and hold reset button
4: connect ICOM to OBD socket (12V)
5: release reset button and fast press 3x again
6: wait few minutes
that all ( similarly like ICOM A2 restore)




ICOM NEXT restore after failed update @Bibobabo

after BMW had published the new ICOM Next, I was very happy to get rid of crappy ICOM China clones. But only after a few times use, after a new installation, I made a firmware update. Procedure was made similar to ICOM A2.
Right after update my ICOM Next was bricked. Red LEDs were on and no communication with car either with ICOM. After several tries to restore my expensive doorstopper with ICOM Next firmware 03-14-08, I thought about giving up. It connected with laptop only every second time, selftest showed “Smartfusion error” and LEDs went green and red like they wanted to.

Now here comes the ultimate solution. I think it is a firmware issue, because many people here have similar problems:

Please download this, extract and put this on a fresh formatted (FAT32) USB stick. Put the stick in your ICOM NEXT, push and hold the button while you plug ICOM to a well charged car. Hold the button for at least 4-5 seconds. Now release the button and push it again 3 times within 5 seconds. Update should start. Please be patient. I waited about 5-7 minutes to finish the update. After all is done 4 RED LEDs will be on. Do NOT unplug ICOM. WAIT! After some time all LEDs will turn off.
Now you can unplug ICOM, remove USB and plug it back to car again. Everything should work now. Good Luck!


Attachment: ICOM Next restore file!R1oiTSyZ!STE-LxFnSNfxDAqsAYMEhKmmDKmEqUb42Uzt6cleR8Q




Icom next a restore @gyanyx

In order to solve your incident, please apply the following steps:

Note: DO NOT UNPLUG the [ICOM Next] from the [OBD II] jack after an update via [ISTA], a web interface or an emergency software update.
The [ICOM Next] starts with flashing green SYSTEM [LED]s. After about 10 seconds it shows red [LED]s for about 2 minutes. After this, the [ICOM Next] reboots due to a firmware update.
If the [ICOM Next] [LED]s remain red for more than 10 minutes, or if the [ICOM Next] is unplugged directly after an update, please carry out the following procedure:

1. Please ensure that ALL of the following prerequisites are satisfied:
1.1. You require a [USB] 2.0 or [USB] 3.0 flash drive. ([USB] 1.x flash drives are not supported).
1.2. The [USB] flash drive must be formatted with a [FAT32] file system.
1.3. A minimum of 60 [MByte] free space is required on the [USB] flash drive.
2. Navigate to “[C:\ProgramData\BMW\ISPI\data\TRIC\ICOMNext\ICOM-Image-03-14-08]”.
ProgramData folder is hidden by default. In that case, you have two options in order to access the file or the folder:
– change the settings directly in the Windows Explorer (“Tools => Folder Options => View => Show hidden files, folders or drives”)
– or enter the whole path into the Windows Explorer’s address bar and press enter.

3. Copy “[ICOM_Next-rootfs-010002.tar.gz]” to the root directory of the [USB] flash drive.
4. Copy “[ICOM_Next-app-010008.tar.gz]” to the root directory of the [USB] flash drive.
5. Disconnect the [ICOM Next] from the power supply.
6. Plug the [USB] flash drive into the [ICOM NEXT].
7. Press and hold the button pressed on the [ICOM Next] and connect the [ICOM NEXT] to the [OBD II] jack of a vehicle.
8. Keep the button pressed. The [ICOM NEXT] starts with all [LED]s glowing red. The [LED]s stay red; some may flicker orange/yellow. Keep the button pressed.
9. Keep the button pressed. After about 4 seconds, all [LED]s turn orange/yellow. All [LED]s now glow in the same colour.
10. Release the button and then press it three times within five seconds. The [LED]s glow or flash red and orange/yellow again.
11. Wait: This procedure may take several minutes. Do not disconnect the [ICOM NEXT] as long as any [LED] glows red.
12. After about 5 minutes the SYSTEM [LED] turns green again. The [ICOM NEXT] has been updated and is ready for use.

IMPORTANT: When the software update is complete, the [ICOM NEXT] needs to be connected to the dealer’s network in order to be reconfigured.
All previous settings are lost during the update. If there is a “[user.settings]” file on the [USB] flash drive, it will be applied after the firmware update.

Attachment: recovery files (!IgoWjZqS key:!qBrLjgDHGhltsiNuunPeyJTy2sOhdoMVKe6r-b_KuVQ) . just unzip the folder and copy those 2 archives on USB root folder. do not unzip them again.  (BIG THANKS to all members above share info to all)