VIDA vs VADIS, which better for Volvo Dice unit?








Volvo diagnostic software: VIDA vs VADIS, which is better to work with Volvo Dice unit?


VIDA & VADIS meaning:


VIDA means V ehicle I nformation DIAGNOSIS for A ftersales

VADIS means V olvo A ftersales of DIAGNOSIS and I nformation S ystem


Tools to work with:


Vadis handles only VCT2000 interface

VIDA manages VCT2000 interface and DICE.


Actually the DICE is managed by USB and bluetooth … Vadis / Vida, it’s the same thing, it’s the software that manages these 2 interfaces … (it’s just 2 different names)


PC & Operation system:


Both runs perfect on Windows 7 64 bit, VADIS works on mine without anything special (no compatibility mode) VIDA only completes the install in VM, I think it would work fine on the regular OS if I took the time to find a work around for the the OS check that it does while doing the install.
Running speed:
VADIS is quick to launch and start using but the search takes for ever to bring up results and the over software is pretty slow, VIDA takes forever to launch (5 mins) but once up and running everything is quick.






VADIS is date coded to stop running after a certain date. That can be fixed, and the versions available on the net have that fix described, and it is an easy one.

VIDA started in 2008? and current version at dealers is 2014D. Versions to be found on , among other places, are usually VIDA 201xA/B/C/D. The big difference is what OS is required to run each.
VIDA 2010A – Windows XP Professional SP3, or VISTA Business SP1
VIDA 2010D – Windows XP Professional SP3, or Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate.
Win 7 64 bit requires you to run an XP version in compatibility mode, but several people have reported this works fine.

No matter what version you run of VIDA, you need a “crack” program to allow you to run it locally, without connecting to Ford’s server (now Volvo’s server). Crack program allows the program to run, and think it is connected across the internet to mothership’s server.

People have VIDA with cloned DiCE unit, which allows them to connect to the OBD port, and read the car VIN, and diagnostic codes. Typical things you can change with the local VIDA hook up is
seat high and low temperatures on heated seats
SUM for “R” car’s 4C suspension
probably time for courtesy lights to stay on after you walk away from the car.

VADIS and VIDA both have parts diagrams and service instructions for repairs on our cars. VIDA originally used VCT2000 units, but they are now superceded by DiCE units. You also sometimes get the electrical wiring diagrams with some of these you buy on the net. I have both VADIS and VIDA, as well as the wiring diagrams and a DiCe unit. Nice to have.



Volvo VIDA working with VCT2000


VCT2000-volvo-dice-1 VCT2000-volvo-dice-2 VCT2000-volvo-dice-3

Volvo VIDA working with DiCe

volvo-Vida-Dice-1 volvo-Vida-Dice-2 volvo-Vida-Dice-3