ICOM Next + BMW E series CIC = Not A Good Idea

It’s in the release notes for ISTA-P 3.59.2 that ICOM Next and E series CIC is not a good idea. It does not say why unfortunately.
Here you go.


Release Notes ISTA/P P3.59.2
5.1.5. Programming the CICR head unit takes a long time

Fault description:
The programming of vehicles with CICR using ICOM Next takes a long time.

Model series affected:
E60, E61, E63, E64, E70, E71, E72, E81, E82, E84, E87, E88, E89, E90, E91, E92,

Measure / Workaround:
Please use an ICOM A1 or ICOM A2.

Fault corrected by:
Fault elimination is expected with ICOM Next firmware 03-14-09.



How to update BMW E series CIC with ICOM A2:

Car: E87 2006


Program: WinKFP


Disclaimer: You are on your own risk.

PRE STEPS: In the E87 DATEN folder, make sure to swap out the file CI63F1 from the E87 Folder. Then Load assembly line data into WINKFP (at first WINKFP should be setup for STD:OBD connection so you can do this part without having to connect to the car or ICOM).

Following steps:

0 – Move Car Key to position 1

1 – Connect ICOM A2 to any available MOST (fiber optic) Connector. Connect the USB cable between it and the ICOM module.

2 – Connect OBD connector to ICOM Module.

3 – Connect ICOM to Laptop via Ethernet cable.

4 – Start up Itool Radar and Reserve the ICOM slot. (You’ll need to search for ITool Radar).

5 – I usually use the EasyConnect after ITOOL to select the MOST bus ASYNC setting and LOCK Icom.

6 – Start up WINKFP and select comfort mode

7 – Select Update ZUSB

8 – From the list, select CI62F1 first and click OK.

9 – Enter VIN

10 – Click DONE.

11 – In Next window, Click PROG-ZUSB.

12 – Blue bar will start – This step will take about 35-40 minutes. CIC screen will turn black and cic fan will be blowing at full speed.

13 -Select Update ZUSB again

14 – From the list, select CI63F1 and click OK.

15- Enter VIN

16 – Click DONE.

17 – In Next window, Click PROG-ZUSB.

18 – This step takes about 7-10 minutes.

19 – Lastly Select Update ZUSB again

20 – From the list, select CIA0F1 and click OK.

21 – Enter VIN

22 – Click DONE.

23 – In Next window, Click PROG-ZUSB.

24 – Screen might come up with BMW symbol and bootloader mode.

25 – This step takes about 45 minutes.

Once these steps are complete, CIC will boot up again and you’re done!