Kess V2 5.017 Red PCB Rework (R/W No Issues)


Bought a Kess V2 5.017 china clone, but no luck.
I can try to read but writing is sometimes danger.
power supply for akku. When I write flash, the ecu need a lot of power.



Searched a lot… thought i should rework the inner board.


Then i did something…







Murata filters:

NFE61PT472C1H9L (connect ground for all of them)



1uF – 35V

220uF – 10V

10uF – 16V tantalum


Here is good quality pic from ori pcb


Finally. It works like a charm.


My advice is: DON’T BUY KESS 5.027 RED PCB FROM OBD2TOOL.COM – FAKE 5.017. My friend bought 10 units from – all work good, read/write no issues. This is the site he is using:


Update: my friend did some Kess 5.017 tests:


Berlingo 9HX: only read ID from engineand works ok

PSA Bosch EDC 16: read ok

Skoda Octavia 1.9 AXR EDC15: read ok

BMW EDC17CP02: OBD write ok

BMW EDC15: OBD read/write ok

Ford Mondeo SID206: read/write ok

K-line and CAN both OK

VW EDC17CP14: read/writewith tricore module

2008 Sprinters with Edc16: no issues


Hope this helps.