Foxwell NT520 Pro VS Foxwell NT510 Multi-System Scanner

The BMW diagnostic tool -Foxwell nt510 will be stop production,the upgrade version -Foxwell nt520 pro is in stock at

Compared with Foxwell NT510 multi-system scanner, Foxwell NT520 pro has a improved hardware, adds Mercedes-Benz &Lancia car models and shares the same functions with NT510. What amazing is NT520 sales at the same price as NT510.

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Foxwell NT520 Pro is designed based on Foxwell NT510 and used as a replacement of it. So, you may find out there are lots of similarities of the two. Actually, NT510 is gonna to stop production but it’s populous so the Foxwell has to produce another one to make up for the lack of NT510.


Hardware: Foxwell NT520 Pro = Foxwell NT510


Tool Foxwell NT520 Pro Foxwell NT510
Image  foxwell-nt520-pro-2018  foxwell-nt510-2017
Display Backlit,

2.8”TFT color screen


2.8”TFT color screen

240*320 TFT color display

Operating Temperature 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F) -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
External Power 8 to 18 V provided via vehicle 8 to 18 V provided via vehicle
Dimensions 200*100*38MM(L*W*H) 200*100*38MM(L*W*H)
Storage Temperature -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F) -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Dimensions 145*94*32MM 145*94*32MM
Color Box 220*85*165MM 530*525*336MM
Weight 0.9KG 0.9KG
Weight/CTN 27KGS
CTN MEAS 456*442*515MM


Software: Foxwell NT520 Pro wins!

NT520 supports MB and vOLVO diagnostic software, while NT510 cannot work for the two cars.

Note that NT520 will work for the future cars while NT510 stops production and never work for new cars.

Car List Foxwell NT520 Pro Foxwell NT510
Mercedes Benz Yes  NO
Acura Yes Yes
Alfa Romeo Yes Yes
Abarth Yes Yes
American / European Ford Yes Yes
BMW, Mini Yes Yes
Chrysler Yes Yes
Fiat Yes Yes
GM Yes Yes
Honda Yes Yes
Hyundai, Kia Yes Yes
Holden Yes Yes
Land Rover, Jaguar Yes Yes
Lancia Yes Yes
Toyota, Lexus, Scion Yes Yes
Maserati Yes Yes
Opel, Vauxhall Yes Yes
Rolls-Royce Yes Yes
VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat Yes Yes
Porsche Yes Yes
Peugeot Yes NO
Mazda Yes  NO
Ferrari Yes  NO
Aston Martin Yes  NO
Volvo Yes  NO

Here is the Foxwell NT520 Pro Multi-System Scanner details:

Foxwell NT520  Features:

Delicately developed by the most distinguished experts in this industry. Foxwell NT520 Pro is a low-cost handheld scan tool that delivers OE-level diagnosis on all the electronic systems for a single car manufacturer. It does not only include basic the functions such as read & erase code, live date, but also it’s capable of advanced functions such as actuation,adaptation coding and programming- ideal for specialist, garages and car enthusiasts.

Available makes are:  Acura Alfa Romeo, Abarth Audi Australian Ford, BMW, Chrysler. Fiat, GM Honda, Hyundai,Holden, Jaguar, KIA Lancia, Lexus, Land Rover, Maserati, MINI. Toyota,Opel, Rolla-Royce, Scion, Seat, Skoda,Vauxhall, VW, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot and more. (Compare with NT510, Mercedes Benz is newly added)

The scanner is shipped with one free software and can cover up to five vehicle makes. More software can be added anytime at extra cost .


Foxwell NT520 Pro shows live vehicle sensors data in text and graph format and allows you to focus on any suspicious or symptom-specific data parameters it’s powerful graphing capability gives you the real picture of what’s going on in the
vehicle. You can view 2 parameter graphs simultaneously and merge them into one coordinate, so you can easily see how they affect each other, providing you with the most comprehensive and functional look at live data possible.

NT520 Pro cannot only read your codes, but it can also actuate components, run system tests, program control modules.Reading the trouble codes from your vehicle is easy, but without live data, bi-directional controls and other special functions, you may not have enough information to get the problem fixed right It allows you to use the scan tool temporarly activate or control a system or component With.
NT520 Pro, the check of electronic components such as switches, sensors, relays & actuators is made a simple task. saving your time and labor costs. It gives you the ability to flash a control unit with new program data. Provided that a module can be re-coded. NT520 Pro allows for the coding and programming of a replacement control module or changing previously stored incorrect coding as expensive factory tools do

In additon it has access to the most commonly requirede service features like brake deactivation ,adaptation and service resets.

Foxwell NT520 Pro update online:
With Internet access, you will always have the latest bug fixes, new vehicles, newly added parameters and functionality at your fingertips. And they are free for life long time after your registration. Simply connect the scanner with your computer,log into the PC application and click update. The application does all the work, syncing the latest software to your tool.

Foxwell NT520 Pro design: 

The easy yet elegant design of this scanner was developed by technicians for technicians. Clearly arranged keypad,menu-driven operation, shortcuts and impressive2.8 color display together make the scanner extremely easy to use

Foxwell NT520 Pro good quality:

NT520 Pro is built to last. It is constructed to resist impact and damage in the tough workshop environment. A rubberized sleeve protects your investment. The secure fit. extra corner padding and screen protector ensure your scan tool will be around for a long time.

Display: Backlit,2.8”TFT color screen
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
External Power: 8 to 18 V provided via vehicle
Dimensions: 200*100*38MM(L*W*H)
Storage Temperature:-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Dimensions : 145*94*32MM
Color Box: 220*85*165MM
Weight: 0.9KG
Weight/CTN: 27KGS
CTN MEAS: 456*442*515MM

Foxwell NT52 arrived!
foxwell-nt520-jaguar-land-rover-review-1 foxwell-nt520-jaguar-land-rover-review-2

Package List:

1pc x NT520 Pro Multi-System Scan Tool
1pc x Main 16pin cable
1pc x User’s Guide
1pc x Memory Card
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x Nylon Carry Pouch