Tech Support: Kess V2 5.017 Ksuite 2.23 Error UM 00:0000

In both Clone Red KESS V2 Ver.2.25 & Ver.2.23 it is impossible to write with “UM 00: 0000” error.


Customer solution 1:

I have same problem when writing file to L33 Phoenix as 00:UMM:000 comes up.
ID and reading goes fine, it’s just when using writing mode error comes up.
Have used recovery ever since I found out that recovery writes the mod file with no problem on L33.
Just use recovery and it will write with no problem.
At least it works for me


It is possible and KTAG. The question is that the flooding of the drain is not a fact that will solve the problem, there the reason is quite amusing


Customer solution 2:

Cec recalculates controls…Yes, let at least 10 times to recalculate, if the curve breaks wine spoils.

There is no difference whatsoever to sew this block is not – starting from SDD ending with the cass, ktagom and others. But in crooked hands and the calculator hangs.

By the way, until I forgot) In Piasynew and Helpdesk helps, the connection points are shown somewhat incorrectly (in the case of this particular block), putting the block on the table will have to trace the board


Customer solution 3:

Try connect the Power Supply.
You need min. 13V.

That is, you should connect stable power supply with min. 13V and 60A to the car battery and not to KESS!


Tech support from

You should use Ksuite 2.23 with Kess V2 5.017. Real pros tested it for hundreds of times and you’ll have no issues of it.

Free: download Ksuite 2.23 and Winols 2.24- full ksuite, with helps and internet!PoIm1DJL!G7m_TsNs8dMIiI1EmVc46uqHyFu7yFFcMKen37666qA



Tested 100%: download Ksuite 2.23 for Kess 5.017