09.2018 Xentry XDOS Download, News, Review, FAQs

09.2018 Xentry XDOS Openshell download:


Tested 100%, confirmed to work perfect with SD connect C4 in diagnostics, coding and programming on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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What’s new in 09.2018 XDOS:
Updated on Aug 22, 2018: 2221-45 Fix for 2018-09


09.2018 XDOS Review:

i installed 2018-09 successfully.
your rollback symptom probably because of a prerequisite software that is failed to install.
try to install from scratch again and look carefully what is failed to install during prerequisite software installation.
if it happen, run xdos setup again or manually try to install the failed software.
usually microsoft visual c++ 2008
in x:\data\ISSetupPrerequisites\{0BE9572E-8558-404f-B0A5-8C347D145655}\vcredist_x86.exe

in x:\data\ISSetupPrerequisites\{8D61397C-2AD6-4210-8E43-C2793010DC35}\vcredist_x64.exe


09.2018 XDOS Questions and Answers:


I have enough problems with w10 and security settings I just used w7 x86 ultimate went thru no problems did all my addones 1st took some time but , for some reason no taskbar icom for connection setup but can manually open .

if you install xentry passthru, it will not install sdconnect toolkit.
but if you install xentry xdos, the sdconnect toolkit will be installed.
you can set to ‘show’ in the taskbar tray at right bottom corner.


If software works great but keeps losing key after restart no internet just after restart pc, 

Prevents xentry’s key deleted and get “no access authorization code” when diagnosing while online.


Missing pics! There is no W206 or W223 still?

You can add it if you find one decent and truelly picture of those models!


How to work standalone starkeycenter? 

for latest xdos, standalone starkeycenter is not needed anymore.
it is replace by configassist.


I have strange problem with XDOS version on Win 10 x64: In ConfigAssist I can’t enter Xentry key – “StartKey not valid error”
I try to use standalone key center but see 0x8000704C7 error when I start it.
For Win10x64, it is one of the recommended system requirements by Mercedes. but maybe there is some obstacle(s) but a member wrote in this thread that he could handle it as well.

xentry xdos: xentry diagnosis for 12/24v using partd aka C3 (obsolete), sdconnect aka C4, ecom, xentry connect aka xentry kit 2, and bosch vci aka xentry kit 3

xentry passthru EU or USA: xentry diagnosis using J2534 passthru devices e.g: mercedes passthru vci (12/24v), avdi, vas5054a (12v), drewtech MongoosePro (12/24v) and many other J2534 compatible devices.


I’m getting the following DAS error using C4 multiplexer on Windows 7, the error started with version 2017.07 but figured upgrading to 2018.09 would have solved the issue but still occurring.
The error is Fault (1.2)-2.503.9901
: Initialization of diagnosis multiplexer failed.


  1. use a good lan cable
    2. set lan tcp/ip to:
    ip address:
    Subnet mask:
    you will see the status of connection happening in sdconnect toolkit in right bottom corner.
  2. SDConnect from 21 to 04

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