Original VCP Vs VAG CAN PRO 5.5.1 for VW PASSAT B7 3C (- VW46)?

Have VW PASSAT B7 3C (- VW46) for example model 2013, start a topic: if original VCP or VAG CAN PRO 5.5.1 can work: ECU read, EEPROM? ECU read, EEPROM? Login code finding? (Security Access codes) programming, etc? Real mileage check or correction? (Mileage check important, correction not important)?



  1. With original VCP

With original VCP I am not sure if you need K-line add on but it should work. I added mine just in case, for future use.

Login code finding, I believe you need to know at least 1 code to be able to use it. I tried to find the login for HVAC but is no possible without knowing one access code (for B8 there are no known codes).

Programming if you need coding yes, coding is not detailed like VCDs but all options are there if you know what to change. They have a different way of parametrization using automatec PR codes and zdc files. I usually use VCDs for this. I dont understand automation very well.

You can enable keyless entry which is not available with vas5054a, or VCDs, for VIM activation module you have to pay extra.

Servicing: they have one click functions (OCF) like rear brake pads, regeneration, headlight beam, battery coding.

Mileage correction I don’t believe it is possible.

Some people were able to remove CP of new CU but not something you should try (they can read and modify the EEPROM) because you need to know exactly the address range, then you replace your existing control unit information here.



  1. With VAG CAN PRO 5.5.1

With clones you don’t have access of the download manager. There you can download a huge list of prc and zdc files .


VAG CAN PRO 5.5.1 can read mileage from EDC16 too, I have tested on VW Golf 6.

That is the feature that VAG CAN PRO 5.5.1 wins the original VCP.