Porsche Panamera 2012 odometer correction with OBDSTAR DP PLUS Key Master

Porsche Panamera 2012 odometer correction is done with OBDSTAR DP PLUS (Key Master) via OBD in 2 minutes. How does it work? Go on reading the follow parts.

1. Turn on ignition, plug OBDSTAR DP PLUS into the OBD port of Porsche Panamera 2012.
Tap “Diag Program”.

2. Tap “Cluster Calibrate“, scroll the screen and find out Porsche.

3. Enter Porsche menu, it displays the newest version.

4. VCI is upgrading
Initializing diagnostic data…

5. Tap “Panamera“, then 2010

6. Enter and choose “Mileage adjustment“.

7. Communicating -> Reading data.

8. Please enter a file to save.

9. Make sure the current mileage is correct, and input a new value.

10. Communicating -> Adjustment complete in 2 sends.
You can see 71904KM on the dashboard.

11. If you don’t want the data recovery, back to choose “Data Recovery”.

12. Find out “2012BSXX BIN” I just saved, tap it to enter.
Communicating and then get message “Operation success”.
Then you can see the dashboard display the old value before adjusting.


OBDSTAR DP PLUS has the same capacities and same vehicle coverage as Key Master in green color , that is their difference is only the outlook. And DP plus is sold on eshop like www.obdexpress.co.uk.