Volvo VIDA 2015A Install – YOU HAVE TO KNOW

 Hello to all with VIDA 2015A,

 This is for your information.

Tips and guides you have to know when you install Volvo VIDA 2015A software.


1. Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 32 bit or 64 bit 


2. Internet Explorer: 11 or newer


3. Computer: laptop made after year 2012, core i5, CPU 4G RAM+
4. C: space: must have 60GB
5. Location: software must install on C://

(pls copy files from the CD to the local disk on the laptop. otherwise, the installation might fail)
6. USB key: must insert the USB key when running installation files

7. Format: It must be NTFS format

8. Patch: have to install VIDA 2015A patch before the computer restarts

9. Vehicle coverage: VIDA 2015A works for models 1999-2016 and even 2019 (only a few)

volvo-vida-2015a-vehicle-list-1 volvo-vida-2015a-vehicle-list-2


Video: Volvo Dice VIDA 2015A Windows 7 install