How to use CGDI BMW to diagnose BMW 3- series E93?

CGDI BMW update in July, 2019:

  1. Adds BMW E series programming and coding.
  2. Adds BMW diagnosis function, including BMW E series, F series, G series trouble codes reading and clearing.


If you have any of CG100, CGPRO, CGDI MB, you just provide the serial number for free trial.


BMW E-series coding & programming: CGDI BMW VS BMW ICOM

  1. Easy to use. As long as you are qualified with corresponding vehicle maintenance knowledge, CGDI BMW does not have high requirements for the user’s professional skills and English level.


  1. Cheap. CGDI BMW is cheaper than BMW ICOM (clone and original).

BMW ICOM clone & original are able to diagnose, program and code BMW E-series models at higher price (clone: about 400eur).

Besides, BMW ICOM has some requirements for the user’s operating skills during installation, therefore some users will choose a hard disk with pre-installed software and be charged.


  1. Menu-driven & automatic operation instead of manual operation, which save much time.


How to use CGDI BMW to diagnose BMW 3- series E93?

  1. Click on “BMW diagnosis”.



  1. Whether to scan vehicle quickly.

Press “Yes” and CGDI BMW software will scan the BMW in 30 seconds.

Press “No” and CGDI BMW will scan the BMW all systems and take about 3 minutes.



  1. After clicking on “No”.

cgdi-bmw-to-diagnose-bmw-3-series-e93-3 cgdi-bmw-to-diagnose-bmw-3-series-e93-4


  1. Pops up the BMW information.

You have options : Read fault codes, clear fault codes, Clear all codes, Help, back.

All are menu-driven operation.

And the left corner will show the working status.

cgdi-bmw-to-diagnose-bmw-3-series-e93-5 cgdi-bmw-to-diagnose-bmw-3-series-e93-6 cgdi-bmw-to-diagnose-bmw-3-series-e93-7 cgdi-bmw-to-diagnose-bmw-3-series-e93-8


5.Back to select “scan vehicle quickly”.

And you will see all trouble codes are cleared, and all are normal.

cgdi-bmw-to-diagnose-bmw-3-series-e93-9 cgdi-bmw-to-diagnose-bmw-3-series-e93-10


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