Volvo VIDA 2015A + dongle: fake or not? any good test reports?

It popped on every diagnostic tool website that there is a new 150eur Volvo VIDA 2015A with USB Dongle that support newer cars with the clone interface. It looks too good to be real.


Vida 2015A USB key.iso

Vida 2015a – Working without USB keySo I took a punt and bought the Vida2015a with USB key being sold online now. Literally took me 5 minutes to bypass the USB key. the two setup.exe files request the key, the patch requests the key and vida monitor requests the key. I just used the 2014d versions of all of those and it installed like a charm. Copy the DVD somewhere…. Install\DVD\Vida_dvdheader\Main\Setup.exe Replace with the 2014D versionInstall\DVD\Vida_dvdheader\Vida\Setup.exe Replace with the 2014D versionApplication\Copy\Vidamonitor.exe Replace with the 2014D version Install, use you favorite 2014d patch and away you go. I didn’t even uninstall my 2014D and it upgraded it. However, Reports of model support past 2017 seems like a stretch of the truth.So, it will extend the life of Offline Vida to 2016 models, but VDASH will be what most of us will have to live with.



Volvo Diagnostic & Software Host (V Dash)

Price: 1783eur

*Introductory pricing for wholesale accounts only*

Onetime, non-recurring entry fee which includes

Loading cable

Software Program

5 included loads/clones (does not include engine performance software)


After the first 5 initial loads/clones the system is simply pay as you go. $80.00 USD per load/clone. (does not include engine performance software)


The programming is done via our software interface and the loading cable which we supply. This system also allows for loading of performance engine software as well as module cloning if/when you have a failed module. You can read and write the software to either new or used modules as you have need, including Instrument cluster language change for DIM and ICM.


We are releasing new features frequently (which you can see in the ‘news’ tab) and updates automatically download and install.

Therefore, 150eur Volvo VIDA 2015A or V Dash 1783eur, it depends on how deep you want them to diagnose or program, how much budget you plan to pay.