ICOM NEXT BMW  is different from ICOM P, is different case and with other circuit board.

Look at ICOMP outlook:

Icomp 0

ICOMP NEXT photos of the board on both sides
hardware is not identical to ICOM NEXT

Icomp Next 01 Icomp Next 02

Real ICOMP works with this software:



Look at ICOM NEXT clone:

Icom Next Clone 03

Image source:



Newest firmware version: 1.40.050020

The correct method for ICOM Next firmware update:

Link 1: https://mega.nz/#!dNBXjYyb!b-1kF1v0dOLqqZSNh7P3xT7IiwwRZYA8slxfBdfDOco

Link 2:



icom next from China Customer reviews:

  1. -it is faster in F and G series ..

– and supports gigabit Ethernet too to be future proof, there currently is not gigabit Ethernet protocol defined yet for autos. Also it has USB3.0 instead of USB2.0 and a better wifi card.


  1. ICOM NEXT have WiFi functionality, There are some software checks in place for certain operations (eg, programming) that will instruct/prevent user from continuing until they swift from WLAN to directly connecting.


  1. Received Icom Next 2 days ago OEM part number has no change –
    81 31 2 360 883


  1. ICOM NEXT A works for 2009 Mini R56


  1. I bought an icom next from china and tried so many things but impossible to read the vin of my car E64 LCI 635D of 07/2009… even itool radar saw the icom. i disable the firwall and antivirus i make an new perfectly clean windows 10 and same.but it works on F serie car…then i took an original icom of an friend who work at bmw and it worked on my car E64 and on my computer (with the same ethernet cable and odb cable)


To be upgrading…


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