How To Set BMW ICOM Next WIFI Configuration

Only 5 steps to configure BMW icom next WLAN to enable wifi connection, here you go:

1. Open ITool Radar to identify ICOM information
Bmw Icom WLAN Configuation 1
2. Open IE and enter the ICOM configuration URL: (ICOM’s IP address is subject to actual reading)
Bmw Icom WLAN Configuation 2
3.Select WLAN Settings, and press the available WIFI information corresponding to the input, after confirming that it is correct, click Save Changes to save the settings
Bmw Icom WLAN Configuation 3
4. Disconnect the network cable and power off to restart ICOM. After ICOM starts, it will automatically connect to WIFI.
5.  If using BWM ICOM software and USB-WIFI, the configuration information is Mode: 802.11n, 2.4GHz SSID:ISAP Security Type: WPA2 Personal Pre- shared Key: BmwAp24h