2015 BMW M3 Damaged ECU Programming with Ktag Failed, How to Do?

First comes with the issues description: 2015 BMW M3 – purchased from salvage auction, engine issues(seized intake cam), and also issues with the DME. I’m rebuilding the engine, but need help with the DME.
– Car will key on, everything not related to the DME works fine. Car will not crank
– Connecting to ISTA+, it shows “aborted programming” on the DME, and a mile long of codes due to this
– Traced all power/grounds to DME are good

– Attempted remote programming session using Enet cable, but it would not complete a full flash (I didn’t get all the details on what was attempted). They recommended one option of removing DME and opening up, connecting Ktag and attempt programming that way.

– Bought an Euro Ktag Running 7.020 version 2.25. Opened DME and connected Boot wire to the board, and the rest per the instructions. Verified that it will read a complete backup file from another MEVD172g DME (from 2013 N55 F30). It grabbed all three backup files from that DME. When trying to do the same backup on this M3 ECU, Ktag would not auto recognize this ecu type, so I had to choose mevd17.2.x (P678) from a list. It completed “100%” on the backup, but does not ask if I want the three files, and the one file it saves is only 168kb instead of the 4mb file I’m expecting.
– When attempting to use Ktag to do a full “restore” on the DME, I am using a good 4mb .bin file from another M3, Ktag gives the error “Loaded backup file not valid”. This file is not one I have collected with the Ktag, it is one I received from someone else, and I assume they gathered it thru an OBD cable operation, not sure what software, etc.
– When using Ktag to restore only the “micro tc1797 (maps)”, using the 4mb bin file, it gives the error “checksum error, send the software vendor the backup file”




In your case, it probably better to buy used DME and have the ISN matched. Unfortunately ktag will not be able to help with ISN matching as your original DME is not reading correctly. You would need tool like Explorer or Autohex II.


OBD Reads are only partial reads. Do not try to restore with this file only tricore full reads.


Or someone can help flashing dme with esys.