What is the benefit of using ICOM? why not ISTA + via Enet / D-CAN?

Topic: What is the benefit of using ICOM? why not ISTA + via Enet / D-CAN? where is the best place to have working BMW ICOM? 

1st Question:

What is the benefit of using an ICOM? Is it just for ISTA-P or does it add functions to ISDA-D also…Ive been using ISTA + via Enet for Fxxx series and D-CAN for E series which it seems I have the ability to reset adaptations, Valvetronic relearns, E brake retraction ect so seems ISTA + IS fully functional without an expensive ICOM…



Main benefits of an ICOM from my perspective:
1. Wireless diagnosis connection
2. Ease of use in A shop with multiple active connections
3. Self-hosted DHCP server for ethernet programming


2nd Question:

I’ve been using ESYS for coding but the token master part is problematic and I have to keep changing the date on the laptop.
So the part of my interest in ICOM is to have something reliable that doesn’t need hacks to make it work. I don’t mind spending a bit of money for the convenience and reliability. I’m hoping that I can one interface and software package that covers diagnostics, coding and the repair manual if possible.



Get the free Launcher Pro with the token until the year 2250
It should work with the ENET

But I prefer to use ICOM with the ISTA+



I’m looking to buy a BMW ICOM and various places sell them. I know they’re not genuine BMW.
Anyway, has anyone had an experience of using OBD Express, or could you recommend a reliable supplier?

My car is a 2010 F10 525d 204hp



Option 1. Someone bought ICOM Next from the dealerships costs 500USD, nearly 2 times expensive than the above.


Option 2. Just bought an ICOM NEXT clone wish I knew this. But I think since I save about 200 and only using it once or twice its still not too bad.

Here you can go:




or with software



Benefit Of Using ICOM 02


Option 3.

Get the VX series, works with ISTA-P as it is ICOM as well
cost about 187EUR (with software)
downside is it does not have MOST programming function, but it has WiFi.

Benefit Of Using ICOM 03

SRC:  https://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/vxdiag-vcx-se-bmw-diagnostic.html