Best clone J2534 interface for Xentry passthru in 100-150 Euro

Looking for a J2534 interface that supports Xentry Passthru sufficient and cost less than a Star C3/C4 clone (maybe about or less 100-150 Euro).


J2534 interface Review 1.

Here some J2534 interface that you can reference:

– genuine AVDI,
VXDIAG pass-thru
– X-Horse toyota vci,
FORD VCM II rotunda,
– Chipsoft Mid, Pro 24v
– Chipsoft lite 12v
Toyota mvci + driver
– VCX nano
– Schematic 2
–  OTC VIM for Toyota
Volvo DiCE
– Cantiecar
Autel Maxiflash Pro


That’s a hard question, because I have not used all of them so I cannot tell you which one is the best/ Now using Autel Maxiflash Pro very fine, no problem.


J2534 interface Review 2.

Tested Actia XS 2G and works flawless. Did lots of functions, adaptions even on 2018 X-Klass. Did not try coding or reprogramming though.

its a very good but not cheapest choice, with a price > 1000 Euro.


J2534 interface Review 4.

Since my “affiliation” to VW i decided to get a VAS5054A
(just in case, maybe it will help the next person in the same situation).

The VAS5054 is a good tool. I’ve used it with Xentry Pass Thru, Forscan, Techstream and Nissan Consult. I intend to get it working with GM software too, someone on the forum is helping.


There will be good to create a VM Image with all softwares/programs working with such a versatile tool as the VAS5054A


you would be better off to create a VM for each car brand.
Most of the OEM software packages are more like a dozen GB them MB in size nowadays.


J2534 interface Review 3.

I am using VAS5054 and its ok. have used the clone TOYOTA MVCI and it did quite well.


All credits to the members at MHH forum.


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