Fixed! ISTA-D error “the vehicle could not be identified successfully”

This article starts with the problem: I have some issues with ISTA-D Version 4.22. installed through the Bimmergeeks installation pack. I have also tried the one through Mikes Easy install before with the same result.
I keep getting the following error when trying to connect to vehicle: “The vehicle could not be identified successfully. Check vehicle interface and ‘PAD active’.”
The same error shows up when I try to use E-NET cable (which works without an issue for E-SYS coding), as well as K+D CAN cable (which works without an issue for INPA).

I have checked the settings in EDIABAS.ini and all looks good, as I said it works well with INPA.



Do you unzip all files in required folders? I think yes. You need to feed the registry values to computer so it can understand your standalone installation (which in fact is not executable installation) and variables.



They are actually executable files, installing everything through an installer. There were no manual registry entries nor *.reg files to load into the registry, neither with Mikes or Bimmergeeks installations.



I see. Then check with regedit what settings you have

under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BMWGroup\ISPI\Rheingold] or similar path.



Sure, see the attached picture of the reg entries I have in that path.Reg



Try onlinemode = true


Finally! Works!


Good to know:

There is no connection with servers. Its offline. These registries makes windows and ista having proper configuration for running application.