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2016.2 ISTA+ ICOM A2 ISTA-D 3.53 ISTA-P 3.57

March 17, 2016 sales 0

2016.2 BMW ICOM A/ A2 Rheingold is released with STA-D 3.53.30 ISTA-P without USB dongle supporting engineer programming and working well on the newest BMW G series vehicles, and also, in this version, ISTA+ is added. Operating system: Windows 8 Workable tool: ICOM A ICOM A2 emulator Continue Reading →

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Perfect hardware Version ICOM for BMW FAQ

February 5, 2016 sales 0

ICOM is the best diagnose and programming tool for BMW new and old models. Multi language. Perfect version is more steady, fast software running speed, adds more special functions. Here is some FAQ for Perfect best V2015.10 BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic Programming Tool part 1: Q: I’m searchin Continue Reading →

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BMW ICOM A2 Emulator, or INPA K+DCAN cable?

December 23, 2015 sales 0

One BMW car for one ICOM? NO! Many fresh BMW owners are new to vehicle diagnosis and have incorrect opinions that ICOM is the most ideal scanner. Here are some suggestion for some new to BMW repair. If you just want to scan for faults, clear them and do diagnostics and maybe some light coding you Continue Reading →

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BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic Tool technical support

December 12, 2015 sales 0

Now this BMW ICOM A2 hardware is the new developed version. It supports hareware update from now on. Part 1: DO NOT copy or crack the Icom software on our HDD. If you buy our ICOM with our ICOM hdd, or only buy our icom software hdd. DO NOT try to copy or crack our ICOM hdd. Because software is t Continue Reading →

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How to ISTA/P error 94201 10007 97020

November 27, 2015 sales 0

I just installed full version of ista along with icom emu 3.0.3. After some trying with the network settings, i finally got the icom to show in ista. I am trying to get ista to work with my k+dcan-usb cable with my BMW E87 1 series. I started up ista and and the icom emulator on my windows 8 comp Continue Reading →

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How to solve super ICOM WinKFP Error 300

November 25, 2015 sales 0

Here’s the solution for how to fix WinKFP error 300: First HW interface could not be initialized, for bmw super icom v2015.8. Complaint: Just got super iCOM 2015.8V, but failed to open WinKFP. Didn’t know how to setting, without instruction on the screen. And it pop up error 300: First HW inte Continue Reading →