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BMW ICOM software hdd copy error

November 3, 2015 sales 0

Our BMW ICOM software is the expert version. It includes NCS EXPERT , KSD , INPA, ediabase tool 32 winkfp and so on. This is the full version. If you have the skill and know how to use it, then it can meet various needs for car repair and test. We provide BMW ICOM hdd for different types: 1) bes Continue Reading →

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How to use BMW ICOM 2015.8 Software HDD part 2

September 25, 2015 sales 0

For HOW to use BMW ICOM 2015.8 software HDD part 1, please click: How to change the language for BMW ICOM ISTA P and Resolution software: a, Open ISTA P software first, Click reset setting, then close the wi Continue Reading →

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How to use BMW ICOM 2015.8 Software HDD part 1?

September 25, 2015 sales 0

New 2015.8 icom Software HDD for BMW is released. Which ISTA-D version is 3.49, ISTA-P version is BMW software support diagnose and programming functions for BMW all series. Here to give you some instruction tips. How to change the language for ISTA: a, double click here to get fu Continue Reading →

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Opinions on BMW ICOM vs. BMW K+D CAN scan tool

September 23, 2015 sales 0

This post collects some piece of opinions from experienced technicians on BMW ICOM and BMW K+D CAN scan tool, hope it helps. Opinion1: A DCAN lead can do most things, but the ICOM is better with ISTA/D or ISTA/P Those programs expect an ICOM unit, with the optical connector. Most of the jobs can Continue Reading →

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BMW ICOM A2 A1 FW1.38 files Download and Update

July 29, 2015 sales 0

Preface 1)The reason to update BMW ICOM A2 / A1 firmware If you want to run ISTA-D Rheingold 3.49.30 ISTA-P 55.4.000 on BMW ICOM A2/A1, you need to update firmware to the newest version (July, 2015 update). Current SYSTEM IMAGE version: 01.24.00 Current APPLICATION IMAGE version: 01.38.01 2)Which Continue Reading →