(Solved) E-Sys can’t connect. Open Connect Target blank..

BMW E-SYS connection issues and solutions:


E-Sys cannot connect:

I just can’t seem to connect using E-Sys (With E-Sys Launcher)
I’ve tried 2 computers with the same result.
E-Sys V3.27.1
Using Launcher with F080
Basically I am unable to select a target.
Connect via VIN looks correct
Connect button isn’t highlighted.

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Suggestion from Shawnsheridan: (Big thanks)


If the “Open Connection” window under “Target” is empty (no targets), verify the following:

  1. That the “psdzdata” folder is installed properly (From the PSdZData_Lite or PSdZData_Full extraction, copy the “psdzdata” folder to “C:\Data\” (i.e. “C:\Data\psdzdata”)
  2. That the psdzdata chassis folders each have an empty “dist” folder. Make sure that there is an empty “dist” folder in each of the psdzdata chassis folders, and if missing, create as needed, e.g.:
    1. C:\Data\psdzdata\mainseries\F001\F001_xx_xx_xxx\od x\dist
    2. C:\Data\psdzdata\mainseries\F010\F010_xx_xx_xxx\od x\dist
    3. C:\Data\psdzdata\mainseries\F020\F020_xx_xx_xxx\od x\dist
    4. C:\Data\psdzdata\mainseries\F025\F025_xx_xx_xxx\od x\dist
    5. C:\Data\psdzdata\mainseries\F056\F056_xx_xx_xxx\od x\dist
    6. C:\Data\psdzdata\mainseries\I001\I001_xx_xx_xxx\od x\dist
    7. C:\Data\psdzdata\mainseries\K001\K001_xx_xx_xxx\od x\dist
    8. C:\Data\psdzdata\mainseries\KE01\KE01_xx_xx_xxx\od x\dist
    9. C:\Data\psdzdata\mainseries\RR01\RR01_xx_xx_xxx\od x\dist
  3. The the E-Sys “Options” => “Settings” => “Directories => Data: path” is set properly (e.g. “C:\Data”)

You can wait 2 more days, or just follow the instructions provided to you:

* NOTE: E-Sys Launcher 2.x Car Series MUST be set to exactly match the car’s chassis type you are coding (e.g. F01, F06, F07, F10, F12, F15, F25, F30, F82, F83, etc.)If after install it defaults to F999 and it cannot be changed, change PC Date ahead 4 days, then change E-Sys Launcher Car Series, then change PC Date back to current date. DO NOT create .EST Token and PIN with PC Date advanced 4 days as the Validity Start Date for the token will be 4 days in the future.


For F80:

E-Sys Laucnher Car Series = F080
E-Sys Connection Target = F020

If you are missing E-Sys Connection Targets, then something is not correct with your PSdZData. You need to replace it.


BMW ESYS confirmed to work:


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