How to: VVDI2 programs BMW comfort access keys

This is for anyone wants to program in the comfort access option into a BMW using the VVDI2 Xhorse


Actually, that’s not possible to just program. It requires major hardware exchange


The car has that feature built into it, and it’s good to know how to program the remote so it uses the proximity function.


there’s 2 difference key types.
Regular smart keys and comfort access keys.
The key needs to have a build in proximity sender and the car needs to have a receiver.
You can’t code a regular key to become a comfort access key.


then you need to first delete a previous CA key from the CAS module.

Each CAS can only handle 2 comfort access keys at a time.

If you lose, let’s say key number 2, then you’ll need to first delete key number 2, program a new key and then move the keys individual number up to key 2.


Then everything worked perfectly!

And you’ll have 2 happy customers both with 2 keys that have the comfort access capability.


Note: It is not the same meaning if you over-write key2 with the new key (say by eeprom)

Eprom has nothing to do with CAS control

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