Xhorse Dolphin vs CG Godzilla reviews by users

Question: what are you suggesting? I’m about to order the Xhorse dolphin but if there is better in the same price range I’d like to know? Cgdi Godzilla?


There are some users actually used both, let’s put together their reviews below:

  1. The Xhorse Dolphin has good reviews from some people I’ve talk to that have it. Plus I like the app and was thinking about picking the key tool max and obd tool up at the same time


  1. In the aspect of first impression:

My first impression is CG Godzilla is not good at all. It’s very slow, slower than my X6 V8
I don’t understand why it needs to calibrate all that stuff before cutting. My old A5 clone hasn’t been calibrated in a long time and just goes straight to cutting.
And it makes always assymethric keys when you cut teethened keys, and isn’t able tó cut keys for Audi with a tail, and and and
It looks like a Xhorse Dolphin with own screen. The voices are the same too.


  1. In the aspect of price:

I just want the Xhorse Dolphin to work because its battery powered and looks really portable

just seems more intriguing than the others I have seen

the cgdi godzilla is another interesting one to me

unfortunately for me personally the $2000 usd is price cap unless I wait another year

for me it is not a everyday use or main source of income

more of a hobby, interest

but that is frowned on here


  1. You can buy Godzilla based on cgdi’s reputation

Godzilla seems to have both of the 2 worlds: battery included, screen, possibility to operate by app, decent price but no feedback from real users. No one seems to own this machine. It means you have to buy at your own risk based on cgdi’s reputation.


If you look at cheap price, go for the 2M2 Tank machine.


  1. Compared to the Xhorse Dolphin, Godzilla has screen and also the transmission mechanism is ball screw not T shaped screw, which is supposed to be more precise.

To be updating…


Goo to know:

Tons of videos of the cg godzilla are out and have ben for a while


And Xhorse Dolphin:


as well as the 2m2 tank:




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