Best OBD Tuning Hardware 2021

What is currently the best OBD Tuning Hardware for Cars and Bikes? I’ve already looked at these Devices: Autotuner Master, Kess v2 Master, K-Tag Master. What I want to do are: Automatic Checksum Correction, Clone Control Unit 100%, Read / write ECU Data via OBD, Flash Counter Reset, Vmax Speed Off, DPF EGR Remove, Start/Stopp OFF, AdBlue Remove, EGR – DTC Off, POP & BANGS etc.

ktag 673x900 - Best OBD Tuning Hardware 2021 - Best OBD Tuning Hardware 2021

Here are some ECU Tunners’ experience for sharing.



  1. You have to separate the reading/writing of the modules and the modification of the software.

It means that tool u listed above perform just read-write, but no files modification. For mods u need to find experienced guy or company and send files to them for mods. Or make modification by yourself if u experienced enough. I use Flex ori, Kess v2- good clone, k-tag -good clone. But I am afraid work clone with cars after 2010-2012. Use ori tools only, especially if u have no experience. Flex have very good technical support (answer in 5 minutes), don’t increase flash counter and clone the Gearboxex. K-tag cover most of ECU. But some my friends sell their Flex and bought Autotuner.


  1. All clones cannot reach the model years of the original devices.

Does not matter if its kess ktag or any other.

They support vehicles but year coverage is like 5 years or more older than our current year.

Ktag reads only on bench, kess reads by obd or with tricore module some edc17/med17 like ktag.


if you have an error writing then, most ecu can be read on bench and recovered if you have the knowledge.

kess v2 has recovery function for these situations, but most times,(for some ecus) ecu is bricked.




Here are the best source of China clone ECU OBD Tuning Hardware:

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