Launch X431 ProS Mini: Porsche Cayenne 9Y0 2020 service reset

Car model and year: Porsche Cayenne 9Y0 2020 with 30,000 miles


Purpose: to do service reset



Got all the tools. BMW uses those spark plug sockets. Or at least the one I have is the right size.

I have a membership at PIWISTIS so the Porsche instructions with the toque specs will be there.


Just need to confirm the part number. The cheapest tool that will work on a 2020 cayenne in the Launch X431 ProS Mini.


If more the cayenne stores what service was done when. I paid for a brake fluid change and the didn’t mark it. I wonder how I can fix that.



Part number is available at FCP for $30/each. X431 ProS Mini Scanner is $750. So for an extra $100 if I can DIY every other one will be $20 for shipping.



Step 1 done. Confirmed the launch x431 Pros Mini was confirmed to work by the company.

Today going or download the instructions. The good news is Of this works I can start to do my own oil changes.


Step 2 failed. There is a new PIWIS TSI site. You have to register, confirm you are a business, and promise not to share. So I applied for access and waiting to hear back.

—Well I am now a Porsche Partner network member. I think that means I can now access all Porsche repair documents. Downside is you have to agree not to share.


What do you need to do to become a Porsche Partner network member?

You have to fill out an application. With a business name and address. Then they review your application and grant you access. You have to swear to not share anything with anyone.

Then to actually see any documents it’s $17/hour. Maybe $57/24 hours. And something like $3000 for a full year.

Once you learn to navigate it there is a lot of useful information. I buy an hour when I have a Porsche repair or service and then I print what I need and file it in a binder. The printed pages have a water mark with your name and the date across it so you can’t copy and sell it.

I have done all the service on a 997 and a Macan with it. Including the 57 steps to remove the front carrier to change the belt and tensioner. It is very specific with pictures and torque specs.



As our hero continues to respond to himself…


Everything ordered

Launch Pros mini $779 off of

Spark plugs $180

1 hour to download instructions $17 at PPN


So to save $800, I just spent $1040


Will let you know how it goes


The TSI turned into the PPN. But when I put in my VIN all the information including service a s extended warranty come up. Pretty cool. Does not have a parts diagram I can follow.


You may find this to exploded parts diagrams helpful:

Those are the plugs I ordered. $29 each from FCP

porsche cayenne 9y0 2020 spark plug 01 900x605 - Launch X431 ProS Mini: Porsche Cayenne 9Y0 2020 service reset - Launch X431 ProS Mini: Porsche Cayenne 9Y0 2020 service reset


Check out the link I posted. It takes you to the LLL Parts site which contains an expansive library of diagrams for Cayennes:

After selecting the year you will see the page, below. Careful, you can burn lots of time going through the diagrams. Quite educational, though!



Launch Pros mini arrived today. It will communicate with the car. Will see if it resets the intervals when the time comes. Also looking to see if it can add when the service was done to the PCM. They forgot to add the brake fluid change and according to the PCM the final drive fluid has been changed 3 times. Now just waiting on the plugs.


Hope it helps!

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