Best Launch scan tool 2021: Launch X431 PAD VII Review


In this review, we tell look at the Launch X431 PAD VII. We tell you what makes it great and what you can look forward to while using it.

The PAD VII is designed with car technicians in mind. It aims to diagnose all car problems. With its extensive features, this is possible! In its arsenal, it has advanced ADAS calibration capabilities, it allows or online programming, etc. this is simply the tool for you as an auto repair technician.

Let’s get deeper into what makes this diagnostic tool worth the hype!


The newest diagnostic tool from Launch, the X-431 PAD VII promises to be the best of its kind!

It offers a 13.3″ touchscreen and 32 service functions for easy use by all types of technicians. No more outdated paper! This unit also gives users SmartLink remote diagnosis so they can fix problems on-site without even leaving their home office or work garage in most cases. The device features topology mapping to provide engine data in real-time, which is especially helpful during diagnostics when there are traces with many complex elements involved.

The X431 PAD VII also supports ADAS calibration which is a feature in complex lab scanners. This makes setting up systems that connect vehicle controls with driver information so much easy. And what’s better? It offers these extra features without compromising its simplicity.

Launch X431 PAD 7 ADAS calibration Function 900x900 - Best Launch scan tool 2021: Launch X431 PAD VII Review - Best Launch scan tool 2021: Launch X431 PAD VII Review

This tool promises to be the best of its kind and rightly so! Its dual Wi-Fi feature ensures it offers reliable and faster internet connectivity when diagnosing vehicles remotely. It also offers an optimized chipset for quicker diagnostics and large memory.

Compared to its predecessors, it offers 8 optional extended module functions. You have to pay for this but it would be worth it.

Simply put, this is the diagnostic tool for you.

Three best Launch scan tools comparison: Launch X431 PAD VII vs. Launch PAD V vs. Launch PAD III V2.0

  Launch X431 PAD VII Launch PAD V Launch PAD III V2.0
Product Dimensions 353 * 236 * 71 mm 320 * 211 * 46 mm 317 * 202 * 53 mm
Item Weight 29.76 pounds 22.6 Pounds 17 pounds
Screen Size 13.3” / 1920 x 1080 IPS 10.1” / IPS 1920*1200 10.1” / IPS 1920*1200
OBDII Diagnostics Full Full Full
System Diagnostics All systems All systems All systems
Advanced service functions (special functions, reset functions) Over 32 advanced service functions.

These include:

Engine power balance monitoring.

High-voltage battery health detection

GPF Regeneration

AC system Relearn

Rotation Angle Sensor Calibration

ACC calibration

Extra reset services (by order) through SmartLink

26 service functions

These include:

A/F reset

Stop/Start Reset

Language change

Transport Mode

Windows calibration


(All of its service functions are on PAD VII)

21 service functions

These include:

Oil Reset

ABS Bleeding

Injector coding

Gearbox learning

AFS reset


(All of its service functions are on PAD V and PAD VII )

Coding/ Programming Advanced Coding & programming

Online programming for specific vehicles i.e. Audi, Nissan & Porsche etc. without online account

Advanced programming available.

Advanced key programming done with X-PROG 3

Advanced programming available.

Advanced key programming done with X-PROG 3

Vehicle coverage Full system vehicle coverage for over 100 brands of passenger vehicles, medium & light-duty vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles (optional). Over 100 brands of passenger vehicles, medium & light-duty vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles (optional). Over 100 brands of passenger vehicles, medium & light-duty vehicles, and heavy-duty vehicles (optional).


You can learn more about older versions of this PAD VII by reading this Launch scan tools review.

Launch X431 PAD VII Detailed Review

Professional design and hardware

The Launch X431 Pad VII is a handheld diagnostic scanner, designed specifically for mechanics and technicians to aid during the service process. With three handles, it’s easy for you or your customer to set up on various surfaces and locations. It also features a 13.3” touchscreen display made from gorilla glass that lets you adjust brightness according to.

The smartLink VCI software enables remote diagnosis via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This makes life much easier when trying to solve a problem remotely due in part to a customer’s location but without their physical presence!

Finally, its waterproof functionality makes it ideal to withstand workshop hazards such as falls, and dust – perfect for any job site!

Full system diagnostics

The PAD VII is a professional-grade scanning device designed to meet all your diagnostic needs!

It provides a full systems diagnostics scanner with the ability to perform intelligent troubleshooting. The topology module has a mapping function that allows it to check DTCs and all systems communication. These are two things you need to properly diagnose any issue on your vehicle.

Not only does it detect problems, but it can also read vehicle information (VIN) automatically.  It is important to mention that this information can be fed manually as well! This product is perfect for mechanics who want an easy way of accessing repair information in real-time with a graphical representation of data displayed throughout the diagnostic scan process.

With its dual WIFI capabilities, it enables you to perform diagnostics without being on-site! It also deals with the hindrances brought about by the lack of some functions and tools.

You’ll never have another customer slip away due to misunderstandings again! This device helps prevent costly potential repairs before they happen.

Advanced service functions

Proving its superiority, the PAD VII offers over 32 service functions. Amongst these include the option to reset TPMS sensors and Service ABC modules while also allowing techs to perform batch coding and ABS bleeding. With its Tech-to-Tech communication function, technicians can connect with other tech shops across town or internationally to better serve their customers.

For added efficiency, you can find all of these purposes in one device enabling technicians’ time-saving communication skills by sending/receiving messages without even picking up a phone. The world-class communication system also protects your investment by backing up your data so if any mishap were to happen on the vehicle (and we know they will from time to time), you can easily retrieve this information.

Further to that, with the new MALL module, you can add your diagnostic capabilities by either expanding or upgrading your software.

Bi-directional controls, coding, and programming abilities

With more advanced features, you’ll be able to communicate with your car like never before. Whether you want to send commands or get data, the Launch X431 PADVII has everything you need!

It can provide remote communication and supports actuation tests such as EGR tests, injector buzz tests, acceleration device tests, pump and valve tests, tank ventilation, etc. The new online coding facility means that there’s no need for physical inputting – just use your touch screen!

Launch X431 PAD 7 BI Directional Control 900x900 - Best Launch scan tool 2021: Launch X431 PAD VII Review - Best Launch scan tool 2021: Launch X431 PAD VII Review

Supported protocols and vehicle coverage

Regardless of the type of vehicle you or your clients drive, this device will guide you to cheaper maintenance expenses and reduce your operating costs.

This professional tool is the most advanced one in the market for OBD2 diagnostic as it allows diagnosis according to ISO14230 PWM, CAN bus, ISO9141-2, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM protocols. With this handy gadget on hand, there’s no need to worry about language barriers or lacking proper hardware updates. It supports over 6 international languages, these include:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish &
  • Italian

The Launch X431PADVII also covers over 110 different car brands all across several manufacturer markets. These include:

  1. Australian:  AUST Holden, AUST Ford
  2. Asian: Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, etc.
  3. European: Audi, BMW, Bentley, Seat, etc.
  4. USA: Ford, Cadillac, Dodge, etc.
  5. Chinese: Changan, ChangCheng, Changhe

Warranty, software update, and price

It is the only product in its class to offer current software updates delivered via wireless or USB, automatically or manually. There’s a one-year warranty for this latest model release by industry leader Launch X431, backed up with 24/7 direct email and phone support (North American customers).

Its price ranges from between $3399 to $4999, depending on where you buy it.

For users:

This diagnostic scan tool has all the features necessary for quality car maintenance and diagnostics.

It can be used to identify possible future problems with your car, allowing you to make adjustments before they become more costly to fix.

This product is also recommended for advanced drivers, as it provides help in tuning up their vehicles or maintenance.


The X-431 pad is a high-quality product, made by one of the most trusted names in auto diagnostics technology. It offers full system diagnostics and extra modules for more thorough coverage of over 110 car brands. We recommend buying the X-431 PAD VII and trying it out. This device will have you on your way to being an expert technician with all its features!

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