Best Locksmith Shop-Requested Tools Recommendation

If you are new to be a locksmith to open a shop and looking for which car key programmers / key cutting machines/lock picks you will need to order. The brand of car are mainly including PSA Renault VW BMW Mercedes Ford Toyota Kia Hyundai Opel Audi and so on.


Here are some experienced users’ feedback for your reference:


Review 1.

Xhorse VVDI2 will do BMW, PSA & VAG by obd. With VVDI prog, you can do transponders for a lot of cars.
VVDI2 can program keys for all the brands you listed except Mercedes by dump.
Their key cutting machines are also very good.
You should consider:
VVDI2 + vvdi prog…..BMW,VAG, PSA,Porsche all obd + many other makes by dump.
VVDI MB or CGDI MB…. For Mercedes keys
Renault ECU tool…. Excellent for everything Renault, including key programming, Ecu cloning, BSI, cluster…..
Xhorse Dolphin key cutting machine.
I use all these tools and I’m happy with them.


Review 2.

Autel IM608 works good. Full locksmith capabilities but still retains full diagnostics, coding and programming functions. Autel is good for German car, specially for coding and programming, but I think VVDI Xhorse tool are better. More possibilities for locksmith function.

VVDI 2 mainly for VAG and BMW cars (can do also something for Porsche, JLR and PSA)

VVDI MB for Mercedes

VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad does all in one


Keep in mind that starting to do generally all Immo related functions from German cars (VAG, Benz, BMW) it’s not so easy, are the worst brands for who is beginning to do ‘Key programming’ and it’s not familiar with it..


Review 3.

If you are low on budget, instead of buying gys flash 100.12 which is around 600 euros, modify yourself a Server PSU, they work amazingly for way cheaper, you can find tutorials on youtube, this battery supply unit has to be used on every car not only BMW and Renault, in order to not fry ecu, modules etc. Autel IM608/508 are very good tools but remember one tool doesn’t t do all, you will need to invest in other immo tools as well, but it s a good start

KTAG is a different tool mainly used for ECU flash/eeprom not really for keys

VVDI is a great tool as well, cgdi for mb etc.


Review 4.

For a beginner I would start with the Xhorse key tool max + OBD tool Package and the Xhorse xp-005 dolphin. They updated the software on the key tool to do a lot more stuff. Then the obdstar f101 for all key lost on Toyota and get the Xtool x100T for proximity remotes and you will have the Toyota Lexus market sewed up. And get some Lishi lock picks.


Review 5.

I have a wide variety of tools, VCDS, opcom, techstream, zedfull, fvdi, Autel im508, tango and orange5 probably more so but to start with I would recommend autel im508 and personally I use sec e9 key cutting machine and never had a issue and I have all the addons for it. I also have a ton of Lishi.


Review 6.

For Renault and BMW/mini you will need battery maintainer for sure like GYS 100.12 unless if you don’t want expensive trips to a dealer.

And for the Renault something far better tool than Autel. At the moment the abrites renault pack is the only well working stuff, but it’s expensive.
And spare money(!!!!), too easy killing something without experience (with too but it’s harder) and the owners in this case not really patient.


Good to know:

No, battery maintainer is not battery charger. It’s just a support power when the car’s battery isn’t enough, a normal battery charger unable to do such things

During the programming those cars consuming lot of power. If the car’s battery is in questionable condition and depleting you are in trouble.


Okay guys, if you are interested in the good source of car key programmers for locksmiths, I give the link below:

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