Ford IDS 108 module programming selection not available solution

February 13, 2019 sales 0

I bought ids 108 from your portal and will buy IDS V112 soon but i got problem. when i wanna module programming i got something like i uploaded in this video ( I had error selection not available after entering module programming:   Then I downloaded “Ford Extending Programming.rar file from bellow link:!tZwXiI4T!2zZwqZTKIEegDPK7M_0YceY3bvuHoynu8yGLTUaiK7M from internet and I have this now.   And it’s now like in this […]


Fgtech Galletto 4 clone: 0475 Or 0386?

February 6, 2019 sales 0

Which Fgtech Galletto 4 clone version should you buy? EU version or China version? clone Fgtech 4 EU version: firmware 0475 clone Fgtech 4 Chinese version: firmware 0386 There are […]

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How To Disable Updates ODIS 2.2.4

February 2, 2019 sales 0

This is a personal solution when some startup ODIS if you get an update screen. Is it possible to turn this off.     make folder like this: “c:\PostSetup\Odis\Trade-Retail\Software\Update\” […]