FBS4 key program: VVDI MB vs. CGDI MB?

August 1, 2018 sales 0

Have you had a good success with FBS4 keys with Xhorese vvdi mb tool or CGDI mercedes key programmer?   Possible to add a new FBS4 key using VVDI Mercedes? NO! You CANNOT read data and password for the newest Mercedes cars after 2015 with FBS4 EIS.   Can I have a CGDI MB for Mercedes Continue Reading →


KD900/KD900+ Remote Maker Review

July 27, 2018 sales 0

Have collected user experience of KD900 and KD900+ remote makers:   KD900 vs KD200: COMPARE WITH kd200 , KD900 CAN CHECK THE frequency of remotes can copy the rolling code and fixed code remote of garage. can support smart match for remotes, in other words if come a car and you do not know w Continue Reading →


How do you confirm VCM2 SP177-C best quality?

July 25, 2018 sales 0

Here, will help you guys to check if you have the best China clone VCM2 SP177-C.   Equipped yourself with PCB knowledge: Disassemble your VCM2 clone unit   Check components on the m Continue Reading →

Vident iLink400 for car recoding

How to use Vident iLink400 for car recoding

July 23, 2018 sales 0

Look here: Vident iLink400 diagnostic tool for recoding   What is Vident iLink400? VIDENT iLink400 is a new full-system diagnostic tool, perfect for personal use, because the auto diagnostic software can be c Continue Reading →


VVDI MB programs W221 remote NEC key v51

July 19, 2018 sales 0

Look here: managed to program NEC key v52 from W221 using VVDI MB TOOL   How-to’s with images:   Write Key file: v51 Writing data Load key file Read and write key Mode: IR Type: NEC key (original) Identification key Renew Read data successfully Mode: NEC adapter Type: v03, c06, c Continue Reading →