Best ECU programmer China Clone buying guide

January 2, 2019 sales 0

This poster is trying to talk about the best ECU programmers China Clone from Ktag running ksuite, Kess V2 master running ksuite, FGtech Gallote V54, MPPS v18, PCMflash clone, Renolink Renault ECU programmer etc. Here we go: Kess V2 master: Best clone Kess V2 master V5.017 (SE137-C1) Support onl Continue Reading →


Autek IKey820 Car List& Real Feedback

December 31, 2018 sales 0

Autek Ikey820 is a highly recommended tool,it can read pin code , all key lost, add keys and erase keys, all this function via OBD, no soldering, no EEPROM, and free tokens! No battery issue, plug and program keys, what’s more, it can support the year car model up to 2017 and coverage a lot Continue Reading →