How to migrate Ford VCM2 IDS to Windows 10

November 30, 2018 sales 0

Here you will get to know how to migrate an Ford IDS System to Windows 10.     Part 1: Reason why you should do the migration Part 2: Preparation before Windows 10 Migration Part 3: Windows 10 Migration     Part 1:  The reason why you should do the migration   Windows 10 migrati Continue Reading →


Ford IDS 111 Full Download + How to install

September 26, 2018 sales 0

Here is the full dl for the latest Ford IDS 111.01 and Ford IDS 110.01 and 110.06/ 110.07 plus all the patches and extensions drivers etc. including 86 and the additional necessary files. Mazda FordExtendProgr IDS Patch 86 IDS 86.01 full IDS 107.01 full Mazda ids password calfiles IDS Continue Reading →


How to install Ford IDS + Mazda IDS in one PC

July 6, 2018 sales 0

Ways to install Ford IDS and Mazda IDS in a computer/laptop:   Option 1: One native install (e.g. Mazda IDS) and the other one on VMWare   Option 2: Install and boot multiple operating systems using something like Boot It Bare Metal from Terabyte. Btw, I can recommend this one as it wor Continue Reading →


Ford VCM II – a lot of software can work with!

April 25, 2018 sales 0

This is about Ford VCM 2 software compatibility. This tool can works with: Ford IDS Mazda IDS Suzuki SDT 2 JLR SDD Toyota Techstream Nissan Consult 3+ Honda HDS And also with any other software that support Passthru J2534 devices Why is not working the Mazda IDS for you is that you need to do som Continue Reading →


GM MDI clone works with Ford IDS: Confirmed!

March 13, 2018 sales 0

Does anyone know if my clone GM MDI interface will work with Ford IDS software without limitations? Also is there anyway to convert my MDI to a VCM II by flashing it? They seem to be very similar.   Possible but not easy…Requires editing of the Dynamic link libary files and more.   Continue Reading →


How to use VCM 2 Ford IDS 108.01 software

February 1, 2018 sales 0

VCM 2 SP177-C1 Ford IDS 108.01 how to use:   Vehicle data reading Module Programming Self Test DataLogger Powertrain Electrical Chassis Body Oscilloscope Tools IDS language setup   In detail…   How to use VCM2 IDS 108 to read vehicle info:   Run IDS Integrated Diagnostic Continue Reading →


(Solved) Ford IDS 3-Day License

October 24, 2017 sales 0

Ford IDS v86 crack can be installed directly on Windows native, for pre-2012 vehicles. But with IDS other versions (original), usually you’ll have 3-day trial only. So, how to solve? There’ll be three options for you. Here you go.   IDS Software – Evaluation License  A non-renewable eva Continue Reading →

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FAQ/solution of Ford vcm II diagnostic tool

June 7, 2016 sales 0

Here is a brief summary of FAQ/solution about Ford vcm II diagnostic tool. 1.FAQ/solution of v86 Q: Ford v86 vcm II wifi wireless card connected with USB works well, but it don’t function properly when Ford vcm II is connected with D-Link USB wifi. Of course, D-Link USB’s adapter is good that D Continue Reading →

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Ford VCM 2 IDS V98 special CCC editing

May 11, 2016 sales 0

Just got VCM ii clone to have a play and i managed to get to enter the code, It changes the ccc option in module programming to a different list with more options and also appeared to give me icons to read and write dumps But I ran out of time to play more and see what options did, I did try to d Continue Reading →