Ford IDS 113.01 Native setup on Win10 in 6 steps

Ford IDS 113.01 is native installation now instead of virtual machine installation (to solve 3-day license problem), tested it on WIN10 and no problem. IDS 113.01 running with VXDIAG VCX NANO can work with the Ford cars up to 2018 year, can perform lots functions i.e diagnosis, programming, coding and programming key etc.



Ford IDS 113.01 Win10 installation in 6 steps:

FYI, IDS 112.01 native installation procedure is as the same as IDS 113.01.

In the following parts, you will read IDS 112.01 win10 installation.


  1. Setup” IDS-113.01_Full”.

Please reboot the computer (required).

ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-01 ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-02 ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-03 ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-04 ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-05 ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-06 ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-07


  1. Click on “VX Manager” to complete setup.

ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-08 ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-09 ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-10 ford-ids-113-01-native-installation-11


  1. Plug VXDIAG VCX NANO FORD  cable to the computer.



Click on “Ford IDS”.






Setup VCMII Plus Complete.



  1. Click on “IDS”.


  1. Select dealer type, enter the dealer code, select country.



Enter IDS 113.01 to diagnose, program, code or program key etc.


Job is done.

Now, IDS Software has updated to V114,for sale here:

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