MAN Truck Diagnostic Tool Wanted? MAN VCI Lite!


Looking for a MAN truck diagnostic tool? MAN VCI Lite… here you go. Just like DAF VCI Lite, a professional truck diagnostic tool for a specific brand, to perform diagnosis, actuation and parameter viewing.   MAN truck diagnostic tool for sale: MAN VCI Lite Source: http://www.obdexpress Continue Reading →

How To Set WIFI For Volvo 88890300 Vocom(Video And Step Guide )


Item number SH65 is Volvo 88890300 Vocom Truck Diagnostic  WIFI version.Here we make  a introdution of how to set wifi  for volvo 88890300 vocom step by step . Frist ,video enjoy:   Then ,here is step guide . Step1: Connect Volvo Vocom with computer via USB cable. Start PPT software C Continue Reading →

Scania VCI 3 vs VCI 2 vs VCI1 truck diagnostic tool


There are some differences among Scania diagnostic tools VCI 1, VCI 2, VCI 3, in terms of connection, vehicles, software and language, etc. For details, please go on your reading.   About hardware compatibility 1)  Communication way Scania VCI1 and VCI2 can only be used USB for communicati Continue Reading →

(solved) Vocom + Tech Tool view DTCs of MACK truck

I’m have a MACK to read faults, but unluckily I failed to diagnose (view DTC’s) or use any off the other features of my Tech Tool 2.04.87. PTT says the software is incompatible and that version on the control unit(s) is not supported by Tech Tool.   Here is my version info: Produ Continue Reading →

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