Launch X431 HD on Easydiag? Worked?

Hi friends, i read on some site that we can use easydiag for Launch X431 HD heavy duty scanning. what we need is voltage converter. we need to convert 30v to 12v
this post from another site:-


A converter with 30 to 12 volts or a battery. I disassembled the cargo ECU. There a bunch of converters from 24 to 12 volts and the standard CAN and KL chips are powered by 12 volts. And for KL you need to select a capacitor (taking into account the passenger cars 4700 pF) for freight you need somewhere 6800- 8000 pF. Ie additional 2000-2500 pf (between the K-line and ground) is a simple KL-adapter, but that’s what the JV700 needs to look at. Concerning the “X431 HD Heavy Duty Box HD Adapter” (this is as an add-on) it can work on this program, but there must be another account for the PRO3 adapter. It’s easier to buy a dolphin or a car.


from someone’s post:-

Can. But you need a table then everything is equal. There is nothing complicated. A pulser, a suppressor of 14-15 volts. Optocoupler 4 pieces or 2 dual pair of resistors per 10k and a pair for 1k and two trunks approximately … It is possible and without optocouplers on 4 trunks and to protect 2 more suppresses

Launch-HD-on-EasyDiag-1(1) Launch-HD-on-EasyDiag-2

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you can put a mini voltmeter to a heap.