Cost-effective High Quality DAF VCI lite (V1) Professional Diagnose Tool for DAF

DAF VCI lite (V1) is the best solution on market, fully replaces DAF VCI560, works with all DAF trucks from oldest till newest EU6, is much cheaper then old VCI560(only for €730.00 at
), much smaller, and best of all, all cables and connectors are ECE standard, not costume, so anyone can repair broken cable, not needed to buy special repair plugs.

Comparison between DAF VCI Lite and VCI560:

DAF VCI lite (V1) in comparasion to VCI560 has only one part missing, that is not needed for any diagnostic, reprograming, configuring purposes and DAVIE will be fully functional, it will not see ignition from OBD, and does not have status LED and wifi (ONLY USB).

DAF VCI lite Supported languages:

English, German, Dutch, Danish, Czech, French, Italian, Finnish, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Polish, Turkish.


Default langeage is English!

Here’s DAF VCI lite  funtion :
Software Display:

daf-vci-lite-proffessional-diagnose-and-programming-tool3 daf-vci-lite-proffessional-diagnose-and-programming-tool4 daf-vci-lite-proffessional-diagnose-and-programming-tool5 daf-vci-lite-proffessional-diagnose-and-programming-tool6 daf-vci-lite-proffessional-diagnose-and-programming-tool7 daf-vci-lite-proffessional-diagnose-and-programming-tool8 daf-vci-lite-proffessional-diagnose-and-programming-tool9 daf-vci-lite-proffessional-diagnose-and-programming-tool10 daf-vci-lite-proffessional-diagnose-and-programming-tool11 daf-vci-lite-proffessional-diagnose-and-programming-tool11