Condor Mini + Tibbe Jaw M3 cut Jaguar 8 cut key

September 17, 2018 sales 0

Here are some tips of using the tibbe jaw (M3-A) from Victor Dust off It’s aimed to cut a Jaguar 8 cut key with a Condor Mini machine Have just cut the key and it seems to be 1 cut in front / 1 cut behind in placement. Q: How far should this screw Continue Reading →


(Solved) Xhorse BE Key isn’t recognize by EIS

June 9, 2018 sales 0

Thread: problems with Xhorse BE key improved version Does anyone of you have problems with Xhorse BE key pro improved version?? I have same problems like on old PCB   The problem is: sometimes the key isn’t recognize by EIS. Then need to remove end put again..   The package I have: Re: pr Continue Reading →


INPA setup on Lambda O2 sensors and BMW M5

August 3, 2016 sales 0

Here’s a real user experience of DIY coding Lambda O2 sensors on BMW E series M5, via BMW K+DCAN INPA cable   Tools used: K+DCAN cable with running INPA 5.0.2   Symptom in a sentence: Lambda probe 1 and 2 dropping off, very high INPA RUN UNREST values, bad idle, misfire, sporadic symptoms &nbs Continue Reading →