CG MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Key & VVDI Benz smart key shell assembly process

Both CG MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Key and Xhorse VVDI Benz smart key shell 3 button share the same assembly process.


Assemble Mb Key 01

  1. Open the battery cover and install the battery.

Assemble Mb Key 02


  1. Put into the pcb motherboard of CG MB FBS3 BGA KeylessGo Key.

Assemble Mb Key 03

  1. Close the back cover.

Assemble Mb Key 04 Assemble Mb Key 05


  1. Buckle the metal edge.

Assemble Mb Key 06


  1. Match the key and test whether the key works. Press the remote control button to see if the light is on.

Assemble Mb Key 07


  1. Install the emergency key clip and spring.

Assemble Mb Key 08


  1. Fit the tail.

Assemble Mb Key 09


  1. Buckle the plastic card.

Assemble Mb Key 10


  1. Install the emergency key.

Assemble Mb Key 11


  1. The key is assembled and can be used normally.

Assemble Mb Key 12


FBS3 Benz Keyless go
Advanced Quality, High-Class Features
CG Benz Keyless go: CGYS040001
Support cars models:
W221-S series
W216-S series
W164-ML series
W251-R series
W166-ML series
W164-GL series
207 C Series
204 C Series
212 E series


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