ICOM Next + BMW E series CIC = Not A Good Idea

December 7, 2017 sales 0

It’s in the release notes for ISTA-P 3.59.2 that ICOM Next and E series CIC is not a good idea. It does not say why unfortunately. Here you go.   Release Notes ISTA/P P3.59.2 5.1.5. Programming the CICR head unit takes a long time Fault description: The programming of vehicles with CIC Continue Reading →


How to use VVDI PROG for EIS EWS CAS

December 6, 2017 sales 0

Yes. VVDI MCU Programmer(cost 375€) is good for EIS, EZS and CAS. Also for EWS 4 And it’s in active development with free updates for now. But is better to have more than oneprogrammer . It does not read flash. For flash try minipro. Cheap and good.     In details..   VVDI PROG Continue Reading →


VVDI Prog read/write BMW EWS3 EWS4

October 10, 2017 sales 0

VVDI Prog manual: how to read/write BMW EWS3 (0D46)and EWS4 xL86D/0M89C (MC9S12DJ64) First, how to read/write BMW EWS4   Step 1: You need vvdi prog and EWS4 adapter:     Step 2: follow the Vvdi prog EWS4 adapter connection instruction: Put the EWS4 module in the adapter and fix/lo Continue Reading →