How to create a BMW E92 second key with VVDI2 or CG Pro?

Lost my second key from my e92 335 built in 2007 with CAS3, I already have a blank key. How to create a second key?


Tools to try:

  1. V2014/2015 FVDI: no success


  1. VVDI2 : Success


  1. CGDI/CG PRO: Success

Someone said CG Pro is the cheapest option, make key from dump, only make keys from dump, not OBD! Downgrade with Chinese tools carries significant risk.

A collegue of mine had his CAS bricked by CGDI/CG PRO.

I’ve had a cas3+ bricked by downgrading via OBD with VVDI2.


Just solder on the wires and use file make key.
It takes longer but is much safer.
If you’re good at soldering you’ll have the wires soldered on in 5 minutes or less.