VVDI Pro read write erase M35160WT M35128 possible with new adapter

Have M35160WT and M35128 models to read, write and erase fast erase all data? Now have one VVDI PRO plus one M35160WT adapter (PN:XDPG31EN) can make it possible.



VVDI Pro v4.7.7(2018-11-27) update:

M35160WT(ADAPTER) options in


(Need M35160WT ADAPTER)


VVDI Pro and M35160WT adapter connection

Images of M35160WT adapter from outside to inside

vvdi-pro-m35160wt-adapter-02 vvdi-pro-m35160wt-adapter-02 vvdi-pro-m35160wt-adapter-02 vvdi-pro-m35160wt-adapter-06