Launch M-Diag Lite tested YES on 2014 BMW 520Li

This is a test report of a Launch M-Diag Lite obdii scanner. It works perfect on 2014 BMW 520Li (F18) in obdii diagnosis and special functions. Here you go.


Scan tool: Launch M-Diag Lite OBDII diagnostic tool

Model: BMW 520Li 2014

Phone: a HUAWEI smart phone

System: Android


Before using M-Diag Lite, please firstly download M-diag APP which can be found on IOS App Store and Android APP on Google Play, then install APP-> complete registration-> click on BMW car software to download


Select BMW V49.50 and confirm

Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18 (1)

Connect Bluetooth (no password needed; if it needs it, try 1111 or 0000)

Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18 (2)

Choose Automatically search-> 16 pin socket


Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18 (5)

2014 BMW 520Li (F18) vehicle info

Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18 (6)

Choose Quick Test


Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-7 Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-8 Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-9


Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-10 Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-11

Choose Read fault codes

Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-12 Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-13

Read data stream-> Automatic engine start stop function


Select all then tap confirm


Choose Graph

Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-16 Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-17

Back to menu

Choose Fuel system-> Fuel temperature


Choose Page, then confirm


Choose Graph

Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-20 Launch-M-Diag-Lite-2014-BMW-520Li-F18-21

Back to menu

Choose Fault report


Back to menu

Choose Special function


Choose 3 series…


Launch M-Diag Lite scanners support multiple special function software and actuation tests incl. Oil / Service reset,  ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brake pads, steering angle reset, battery matching, DPF regeneration, Injector coding