K+DCAN cable reset BMW ELV, solve RED warning steering lock

    HOW TO: Reset ELV counter, Steering lock RED warning… Personal experience for sharing.   1 year ago i received a RED warning on my dashboard after using my car for some days with a bad battery (ultra low voltage). The RED warning indicate that my ELV (Steering lock) was worki Continue Reading →

Switch-mode K+DCAN cable manual: a lot of reviews of DCAN USB interface

switch-mode K+DCAN interface

How to use/switch/connect to K-Line or Dcan pin 7&8? I have one of those K+DCAN USB cables and I am confused about how to switch the modes of it. Here are good tips i found, of the switch-mode k+dcan usb cable user manual. All i’ve collected just for education.     About the switch Continue Reading →

How To Update Creator C500 BMW Honda OBDII EOBD Diagnostic Scan Tool?


Here is update Creator C500 BMW Honda OBDII EOBD diagnostic scan tool step-by-step. Note: This Update method is applicable to all Creator products! Step 1. Setup Update tools Download the update tool from official website:www.szcreator.com Double click the [Setup file] to setup the tool. Operate Continue Reading →

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