K+DCAN cable reset BMW ELV, solve RED warning steering lock



HOW TO: Reset ELV counter, Steering lock RED warning… Personal experience for sharing.


1 year ago i received a RED warning on my dashboard after using my car for some days with a bad battery (ultra low voltage). The RED warning indicate that my ELV (Steering lock) was working bad, but my ELV was working well without problems.

inpa-EDIABAS-ToolSet32-reset-elv (1) inpa-EDIABAS-ToolSet32-reset-elv (2

So, what is going on? The CAS module has a counter, when this counter exceed the max, a RED warning light come up. When you use a bad battery (low voltage) the ELV works but indicate an error to the CAS module.

Then, my ELV works fine but i have a RED %(#))$ light every time on my dashboard, every day, every morning. Yesterday i found the solution and works fine on my car, a R56 non-s 2008.

Credits to: “korell” on e90post.com


How to clear yellow warning light


If you have completed this DIY and still get that pesky yellow warning light, I found a way to clear it (credits to Micha from the German e60-forum.de). Apparently the ELV has an internal counter that causes the yellow (and red?) warning light to display. This counter can be reset using EDIABAS ToolSet32. The count is stored in the CAS and needs to be cleared in CAS and ELV. Load CAS.prg in ToolSet32 and run the commands “steuern_elvcounter_cas_loeschen” and “steuern_elvcounter_elv_loeschen”.
This procedure may even unlock the locked steering column with red warning light, but I haven’t had the red light since I performed the DIY. I’m assuming this because after my steering column was locked and I had towed my car to an indy shop, the mechanic was able to unlock it by “resetting” something.

BTW, this counter reset worked for me, but as with any advice you find on the Internet, you do this at your own risk. Bonjour 😉

To reset the ELV you have to use the “EDIABAS ToolSet 32“, connected to the car via OBDII with the same k+dcan cable of INPA and NCS Expert.


Connect the cable to the OBDII Port, insert the key and press start button (don’t start the car, only ignition ON). Open the software EDIABAS ToolSet 32.

inpa-EDIABAS-ToolSet32-reset-elv (3)

On the menu, select File -> “Load SGBD, Group File F3”

inpa-EDIABAS-ToolSet32-reset-elv (4

Look for “Cas.prg” on the file list.

inpa-EDIABAS-ToolSet32-reset-elv (5)

Look on the Job list the name: “steuern_elvcounter_cas_loeschen” and “steuern_elvcounter_elv_loeschen”. Double click on each one, and wait for a window, it says “Job Done” on the bottom.

inpa-EDIABAS-ToolSet32-reset-elv (6)

DONE!, no more RED Light Steering lock issue.

Note: only works if your ELV works fine, and you have this issue because you didn’t replace your battery on time and wait some months for it, like me =(.

Credits to Chile