Tips: Galletto V54 China Clone Rework

July 12, 2018 sales 0

After reading this thread, I bought a Galletto V54 china clone, and hope it will be as they told me it would be. Here are some tips that I copied from hard-working friends that were willing to help us: Tip 1: obd R-W with temp under 50° only on renault-bosch diesel renault-siemens diesel dont ha Continue Reading →

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FGtech Galletto 4 Review

July 21, 2017 sales 0

Reviews of fgtech galletto 4 v54 china clones SE61-G, SE61-GB:   Gallettov54 CLONE So far all good up to today: Did Alfa 147 immo off (k line /boot mode)-100% clone iveco edc16 BDM -100% Mercedes 308benz sprinter edc5c2– k-line / flash file – 100% VW crafter obd read flask – Continue Reading →