FGtech Galletto 4 Review

Reviews of fgtech galletto 4 v54 china clones SE61-G, SE61-GB:


Gallettov54 CLONE

So far all good up to today:

Did Alfa 147 immo off (k line /boot mode)-100%

clone iveco edc16 BDM -100%

Mercedes 308benz sprinter edc5c2– k-line / flash file – 100%

VW crafter obd read flask – 100%

Opel Corsa-D CAN – Obd read -100%

BMW 320D E46 – BDM Clone ecu’s K-line obd read and Write – 100%


Citroen C4 1.6 Hdi (110 Hp) EDC16C34 read/write via OBD ok
It was necessary to write the injector codes again and to code the car settings in the diagbox.
Peugeot 307 2.0 Hdi (136 Hp) Delphi DCM3.4 read/write via OBD ok
EDC 15P+ ok


i have chinese V54 , and I update to 0475 by Fantomel files ept, eeprom, flash MCU , use program V54 0475 all win


galletto v54 master china clone is working good with bdm jtag ,but i like to read and write vag car edc16u1,edc16u31 and edc16u34 is safe to do this cars over obd port


just receive one unit, install perfect tested on vag edc15 R/W ok other tests later..


My galletto v54 work K-line.
I have read my vw passat edc15 with mpps cable.
After read i change the tool to galletto.
Galletto works fine
Ecu id —> ok
Flash read —> ok

Galletto works fine after read ecu with mpps tool


I have SE61-G tool : http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/fgtech-galletto-4-master-bdm-tricore-obd-function.html
I have done immo off on alfa with ecu ME 7.3.1
R/W ok


I tested mine from obnauto on bdm edc16 dde7 bmw e90 and worked ok.


This old me/.1, esemple 2.7biturbo, read about 4m, write 25m with old galletto 1250.


Tested my FGTech Galletto V54
Golf Plus 2006 2.0TDI —> OBD CAN WORK – Read & Write
BMW X5 2007 3.0TDI —> OBD CAN WORK – Read & Write

K-Line don’t work —> For K-Line i use MPPS V13

BDM not work but my Probe are not ok —> i Order new from EVC (EVC probe without any adapter, work 100% on Galletto V54)




Piasini= ok works well – fgtech OBD2 car runs=ok R/W, off the panel instrument – OBD2 does not work bench.


Opel EDC16C9 can only write by obd. For read u have to bdm


Fgtech V54 —> work fine K-line and BDM (BDM tested Delphi CRD.11 Mercedes W204 220CDI)


Result: from ecutool
K-Line don’t work (tested on VW Passat 2002 1.9TDI EDC15P)
– Can work (Tested on BMW X5 E70 2007 3.0D / VW Golf Plus 2006 2.0TDI)
BDM don’t work (tested Delphi CRD.11)
– Tricore not tested


Test with http://www.obdexpress.co.uk/wholesale/fgtech-galletto-4-master-bdm-tricore-obd-function.html

– K-Line Work (tested on VW Passat 2002 1.9TDI EDC15P)
– Can not tested
– BDM Work (tested Delphi CRD.11)
– Tricore not tested


I did an Audi A4 2.0 tdi 2008 yesterday dpf delete, eco/power map which had edc17cp14 inside


have the one with red LED next to power jack. I gave tested on k line works fine, CAN works fine, tricore works fine. Not tested on bdm yet


Tricore 2010 audi a6.

K line. 2005 Skoda octavia vrs.


Today GP read 1_3 MJT 75 hp

Twenty-six seconds to read.

File 2 MB


BMW X6 3.0D 2008 —> EDC16 OBD read and write WORK


it failed to write an edc16c35 from bmw.

then i have to recovery through bdm.


Read and written

Citroen C3 Bosch EDC 16C34

all good

5 minutes total to write.


Read and written

BMW 525 (E39)

Everything Good.


via obd i can read only flash and MPC for some ecu, not e2p!

the readout for edc17 or med17 and most of ecu is always partial, not full!

for mini no problem with all ecu (without Tprot), by obd work good (if tool have big quality)



FGTECH V54: It works well “can-bus” and k-line.


i cant read mine skoda superb to, but i succesfuly read it in vw golf 4 section


Today i have read with my v54, an Alfa 159jtdm 150hp edc16c39 2 times without problems by obd k-line, read time 40 minutes !


Renault megan 3 2010 y.tried SID 305 boot mode not work.via obd only ident,galletto can`t read flash.


galletto work obd with Sid 305 only old version ,from 2008 y


my gall V54 in boot mode not work with SID 305. obd read only ECU data


I once had a problem with one sid305 (interface cmdtec), and can only read-write with cold engine.


Mercedes V Class 2003 220CDI EDC15C5 —> K-line read and Write WORK


i tried today megan 3 sid 305 via obd work good.but ~~ one the table~~ not work via obd. maybe different ECU


EDC16c9(Opel) OBD CAN-R/W—OK
EDC16c9(Opel) BDM-R/W—OK
EDC15P(VW Bora)K line R/W—OK
EDC16c3(Peugeot 307 1.4HDI)–K line and BDM R/W 100% correct


EDC16c3(peugeot)K line—only ecu data—Galletto mini EU version Portugal(my A…..s)
EDC16U1(VW Touran)K line—-only ecu data ,no read


FG V54 with these components that all works: jtag BDM Boot OBD 


tested Galletto v54 with Siemens PPD1.2, OK for me


Galletto v54 worked onZ22SE Vectra B


VW Golf5 1.9TDI OBD r/w Flash – 100%

V54 china clone
audi s3 med9.1 read/write ok obd
mercedes glk delphi CRD2 read/write ok obd
peugeot 207 edc16c34 read/write ok obd
golf6 edc17cp14 read/write ok obd


Audi 2009, Tiguan 2009, Passat 2009, Golf 6 2009, all EDC17 read/write via OBD2 with Galletto v54 China without problems.


Sure edc17cp04 and edc17cp14 year 2009 can read-write in obd.
But edc17cp20, edc17cp44,etc, etc same year, have tricore protected active, and if you write in obd, ecu bloqued.


i tried today Passat b7 1.6 tdi 2011 , pcr 2.1.but can`t read flash via obd.
but if i select vw GOlF 6 pcr 2.1 or VW caddy pcr 2.1 read flash good. like audi A3 can`t read too


I’ve done a 2010 passat without problem unlock then read/write via obd


so far my Galletto v54 clone has been perfect


tested read & write on the RENESAS Renault S3000 with FG54
i can read BDM/JTAG but can’t write Boot mode.

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