5M48H CAS4 programmers: VVDI Prog, Smoke, Xprog, Dialprog?

VVDI Prog, Smoke, Xprog, Dialprog, R280 plus programmers, etc. All can read and write bmw cas4 5m48h. But all can work perfect? Here, put the user reviews for reviews.


On a side note, BIG THANKS to all contributors.



Vvdi prog: works 100%!

VVDI-Prog by Xhorse Compnay can read and write 5M48H


https://youtu.be/CeI2fMTGArY video on VVDI Prog read 5M48H and common 8pin IC.


i doit 2 cas4+ in VVDI prog all work 100%


Using VVDI PROG, I see 3 options I can select. Backup, R/W/unlock and unlock.
There is 4 different connection diagrams available and CAS is listed.
It appears we don’t have to remove any of the components but have to cut 2 tracks instead.
Also, if it fails to unlock, we have to heat the thing up to 70 degrees and try again.
Time to get the microscope out and get my solder on…



Smok: some works, some not!

Don’t buy smok. it doesn’t work its crash the eeprom
i try more then 10 times cant unsecured
and then you have all ffffff 


Smok programmer is good only for non 5m48h.


Smok kill all cas4


I am using SMOK and its working with good success rate!!


Smok is perfect with 1l15y and 5M48H no pins to lift


After 2011 will be 5m48h on 5,6 and 7 series i have done up to 2011 with smok 1l15y


(in sum, )



Xprog: works perfectly!

buy Xprog…work perfect ..100%


XPROG 5.70 authorization for CAS4 5M48H


Today i read write 5m48h with xprog 5.5.1 clone, all ok

Edit: 1L15Y is easier to read. Xprog 5.5.1 handles it perfectly


For now Xprog-m original is the trusted programmer for 5m48h but you must lift pins.


Dialprog is 2000euros!!!!!
Prefer to bought a Xprog box from obdexpress.co.uk with full software…


With Xprog i need to lift two pins…easy broke this pins.


i load S19 to 5M48H via X-Prog 5.55

Convert them to .bin first and then use x-prog to load it into the 5M48H. If you used ETL to save it as S19, remember that ETL uses real physical address when reads files whereas Xprog, I think, uses base address as beginning of the file.



Dialprog: some works, some not!

Dialprog no pin lift just remove one


Dialprog EVO – work 101%


I also have dialprog, and blew several cas4. Now tell my clients
not that I schedule, it is best to spoil the CAS AND TAKE THE CAR BRAND BMW


DIALPROG is good, but read and write not full d-flash, its messing last 256bytes(last 8lines in address), DIALPROG don’t touch this address because it inside the SECURITY bytes, even when is write.



In summary, xprog, smok jtag, vvdi prog, UPA-S with sec script… all of them can read 5M48H.. But you got to have big balls and luck for that and of course money… but some of the cas modules after that wont wake up anymore


Test report:

VVDI Prog read write BMW CAS4 5M48H

R280 Plus read&write BMW 5M48H eeprom