How to add Ksuite help file to Kess and Ktag

Hello, how i can add manual to kess and ktag, into cd i have ksuite help zip but i don’t know the way for add to program, thanks!




Hello, I had the same problem as you, unable to open the Help, even though I have placed the zip that came in the folder in the folder c:/ksuite/help.

The solution to my case was to download the Help folder from another location, which I now do not remember exactly, and open the files manually, because within Ksuite, when clicking to see the schematic, it did not recognize the added folder there where it should be.
What I do is use this help that I attached in this post to see the connection schemas. I open Ksuite, I see which family belongs to the desired protocol and then search there in the Help folder.

The Ksuite version I use is 2.08, so if you use a different version (site: ksuite v2.24 v2.13 help file), you can only succeed by trying to unzip the help and then the folder called help goes into the ksuite folder c:/ksuite/help, otherwise you can download Help Ksuite 2.08.rar  the one I’m using and try this method.