Ford IDS 108.06 Native Install with Remote Support

Contacted about IDS 108 install and activation over TeamViewer. After agreeing on a price, he checked my system for compatibility and shortly thereafter began the install. There was a problem with my computer causing the install to have to be done twice, and he went above and beyond to complete this extra step in the setup. He also gave me support after installation showing me a couple of things inside the program – Great guy.

I am in United States and can confirm that this IDS solution is native install and works on North American vehicles.


So far have tested 2003 Ford F-150 all functions including PATS, 2007 Ford F-150 all functions including PATS and module programming, 2015 Transit Connect self test and datalogger work. However, 2014+ Ford vehicles require locksmith ID LSID to do any PATS functions or any PMI programmable module installation/PCM reprogramming etc. This solution does not work for those functions.

Overall, is fair, reasonable, and trustworthy. He is expedient, diligent, honest, and affordable. He worked all night getting my system to work. I recommend him.

Thanks – Glad I could finally contribute something – a review.