(solved) Vocom + Tech Tool view DTCs of MACK truck

I’m have a MACK to read faults, but unluckily I failed to diagnose (view DTC’s) or use any off the other features of my Tech Tool 2.04.87. PTT says the software is incompatible and that version on the control unit(s) is not supported by Tech Tool.   Here is my version info: Produ Continue Reading →

Cost-effective High Quality DAF VCI lite (V1) Professional Diagnose Tool for DAF


DAF VCI lite (V1) is the best solution on market, fully replaces DAF VCI560, works with all DAF trucks from oldest till newest EU6, is much cheaper then old VCI560(only for €730.00 at obdexpress.co.uk ), much smaller, and best of all, all cables and connectors are ECE standard, not costume, so Continue Reading →

Install SDP3 V2.24 for VCI 2 VCI 3 on Win 7

Scania truck diagnosis SDP V2.24 has been released. Here is all about the new SDP3 V2.24.1 for VCI 2 or VCI 3.. SDP3 2.24 free download: http://www.obd2vip.com/html/scania-vci-3-sdp3-v224-free-download-23538.html Computer requirement: Windows 7 32 bit Compatible device: VCI 2 VCI 3 WIFI Installa Continue Reading →

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