How to install Scania VCI 2 VCI3 SDP3 v2.27 on Windows 7 32bit

Scania VCI 2 VCI 3 software has updated to Scania Diagnosis and Programmer 3 SDP3 v2.27. Here is the instruction on how to install / setup Scania VCI 2 VCI 3 SDP3 v2.27 on Windows 7 32bit operating system.


How to install Scania VCI 2 SDP3 v2.27 on Windows 7 32bit

Step 1 – Read read me 2.27.txt to get the installation instruction

update-scania-vci2-sdp3-2.27 (2)

Step 2 – Install AdbeRdr920_en_US.exe

update-scania-vci2-sdp3-2.27 (3)

Step 3 – Install NDP46-KB3045557-x85-x640-allOS-ENU.exe

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (4)

Step 4 – Install vcredist_x86.exe

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (4)

Step 5 – Install scania Diagnosis & Programmer 3 2.27.exe

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (6)

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (6)

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (8)


Step 6 – Once finished, run x32 folder the “install.exe”

Pass: 6426758

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (9)

When required, allow install.exe to install driver

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (10)update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (11)update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (12)

Step 8 – Run Scania SDP3 2.27 program

Run SDP3 configuration to setup language, authentication, interface and SDP3 update

Language available: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian.

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (13)

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (14)

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (15)

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (16)

Run SDP3

update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (17)update-scania-vci2-vci3-sdp3-2.27 (18)

Then you can use Scania VCI 2 SDP3 v2.27 or  VCI3 Scanner  to

Stored fault codes, proposals for remedial action and delete option.
Control unit configuration and settings.
Information about electrical components and their location.
Input and output signals.
Activation of components.
Spare part programming.
Circuit diagrams of the respective vehicle.
Chassis data.
User functions to meet service market requirements to work more effectively, e.g. cruise control.