Xtuner T1 Cummins truck CM2150C maintenance oil reset

This is a new test report of a maintenance oil reset on the engine Cummins truck CM2150C, using Xtuner T1 truck scanner.


Tool tested with:

Xtuner T1 truck diagnostic tool




Cummins CM2150C



Here we go…

Connect the XTUNER-T1 scanner with the truck

After connection, the power indication light will turn on


Search the WIFI of XTUNER-T1 on the PC or pad, and connect the WIFI manually


If the WIFI connection successful, the WIFI indication light will turn on.


Run the XTUNER-T1 application, ready for diagnosis.

Select the diagnostic system: Cummins V12.0


xtuner-t1-truck-Maintenance-Oil-Reset (1) xtuner-t1-truck-Maintenance-Oil-Reset (2)

Select engine: Cummins ISDe Engine CM2150C

xtuner-t1-truck-Maintenance-Oil-Reset (3)

Connecting to ECU

xtuner-t1-truck-Maintenance-Oil-Reset (4)

Select Maintenance Oil Reset

xtuner-t1-truck-Maintenance-Oil-Reset (5) xtuner-t1-truck-Maintenance-Oil-Reset (6) xtuner-t1-truck-Maintenance-Oil-Reset (7)

Done! Oil reset OK!



Also, the engineers work for obdexpress.co.uk tested it’s diagnostic function and activation test… Both no issues!

Read DTCs success!


Activation test ok!xtuner-t1-truck-activation-test-1 xtuner-t1-truck-activation-test-2